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  • 01/01/2009

    The best future tech products of 2008

    PC Advisor's round-up of the most exciting technology prototypes demoed during 2008
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  • 12/12/2008

    World Technology Update: December 12 2008

    A recap of the week’s technology news. In this week’s show: Obama outlines an ambitious tech plan, Sony falls victim to the economic crisis, the mouse turns 40, a gadget-filled smart phone is at 3GSM, Cisco TelePresence translates, Tsubame supercomputer impresses, Asustek’s Eee Top debuts, the US Air Force shows insect-size robots and Google details the top 10 of 2008.
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  • 08/12/2008

    Barack Obama outlines ambitious internet plan

    US President-elect Barack Obama has outlined an ambitious plan to give every child in the US access to the internet and to connect the nation's hospitals with "cutting edge technology". The items are part of his plan to generate or save 2.5 million jobs over to the next two years and boost the flagging US economy.
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  • 05/12/2008

    World Technology Update: December 5 2008

    In this week’s show: Microhoo is back, Bill Gates appeals to lawmakers, Google Earth is used by terrorists, Nintendo introduces a new DS title and Sony celebrates Christmas.
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  • 02/12/2008

    Sony unveils Christmas Fountain of Love

    Japanese Christmas: Sony kicks off a charity event and NEC lights a tree for the holidays.
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  • 21/11/2008

    World Technology Update: November 21 2008

    Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang steps down, Adobe shows off its new Flash platform, TVs fail the recycling test, robots take over California, Nintendo leads in the game console war, Intel launches a new processor and new auto tech is on display in New York.
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  • 20/11/2008

    CES 2009 preview

    The consumer electronics association held its annual CES press preview in New York City and analysts were on hand to talk about trends, what we’ll see at the January mega show in Las Vegas and how the economy is affecting the industry.
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  • 17/11/2008

    Intel launches Core i7 processor

    Several hundred PC hobbyists came to Tokyo'a Akihabara electronics district late Saturday night as Intel kicked off worldwide sales of its new Core i7 processor.
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  • 16/11/2008

    IL2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey game preview

    Featuring stunning in-game footage of in-air combat, this preview video will whet your appetite for IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, the first console version of the much-vaunted World War II flight simulation series.
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  • 15/11/2008

    World Technology Update: November 15 2008

    NASA’s Mars lander meets and icy death, ipods present some health hazards and OLPC gets a boost. All that news and more on this week’s World Tech Update.
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  • 12/11/2008

    Elvenland trailer

    Thick magical fog has its grip on Elvenland, causing the inhabitants to sleep: to wake them you have to connect floral nodes by laying pieces of various colours next to each other. You can download Elvenland from PC Advisor Games.
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  • 10/11/2008

    New Samsung Omnia phone launches

    Samsung has launched a version of its Windows Mobile-based touchscreen Omnia phone in Korea.
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  • 07/11/2008

    World Technology Update - 07 November 2008

    E-voting problems arise in the US presidential election, Google drops Yahoo in advertising deal, Windows 7 appears on file sharing sites, vacuum tubes make a come back, companies cut staffs and Sony shows off art.
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  • 01/11/2008

    Beetle Junior 3 trailer

    Beetle Junior 3 is a popular jump & run game. The titular hero Beetle Bug has lost 1,341 buggies and has to rescue them. You guide him through all the levels to pick them up and bring them back home. Some weapons as well as obstacles can help him, monsters make his mission difficult. According to the manufacturer Beetle Junior 3 is 'funny and challenging entertainment for the whole family'. You can download it from PC Advisor Games.
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  • 31/10/2008

    World Technology Update - 31 October 2008

    This week a first look at Windows 7, flat panel displays get paper thin, new netbooks from Toshiba and Dell hit the shelves, Sony's Rolly gets a refresh and Intel invests in China.
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  • 30/10/2008

    Flexible 125-inch plasma display coming in 2009

    A Japanese display start-up is well on the way to commercializing a 3-meter wide flexible plasma display and expects the first models to appear next year.
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  • 27/10/2008

    Toshiba NB100 netbook on sale in Japan

    Toshiba's first netbook hit Japanese store shelves over the weekend, ahead of its European launch
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  • 24/10/2008

    World Technology Update - 24 October 2008

    In this week’s show: T-Mobile's G1 Google phone is on sale, Intel discloses mobile platform plans, robots and an invisibility cloak from Tokyo and Apple iPhone sales hit 10 million.
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  • 16/10/2008

    Apple revamps entire MacBook line

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced changes to MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air laptops at Apple's headquarters in California. Faster graphics with Nvidia chips, new aluminum cases, and improved trackpads are some of the features Apple will offer in the laptop line refresh.
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