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Video: App Review, Episode 1 - Travel apps

If you're taking to the skies anytime soon then there are certain apps you're going to need. Hi everyone I'm Nick Barber and welcome to the IDG App Review a new show that'll tell you what apps you have to have and which ones will just be a waste of your time.

We'll start with an app that is a must download for any frequent flier. It's Flight Track from Mobiata. I've had personal experience using this app and most of the time I knew about flight delays or gate changes before the airline or airport even told me.

One of the biggest draw backs of this app is that despite it costing $5 you need to enter all of your flights manually and it's pretty easy to input the incorrect departure date. It's only when you buy the $10 Flight Track Pro app that it will sync with a web interface. Another nice feature about this app is being able to send flight statuses to friends or family via text message or email. At $5 it's still a great value but for the lack of web syncing we give it a 4 out of 5.

One app that'll look great on your tablet or smartphone, but really has minimal functionality is FlightBoard. It's supposed to remind you of the arrival and departure boards at airports and while it does that it doesn't do much else. And what confuses me the most is why would you want to know the status of other flights that aren't yours. This is an app to pass on and at the same time you'll save yourself 4 dollars. Flightboard you're not cleared for take off.

The big winner in the travel app category is by far Kayak. Over the past few months its added tons of new features that let you do more than just search for the best prices on flights, cars and hotels. It's also got a built in flight tracker, but I did experience some glitches with it. There's a currency converter, an airline fee list, airline phone numbers and Beacon, which will share you location with whomever you decide to send it to. If you're a Kayak member which is free, forward your itinerary to [email protected] and they'll show up on your mobile device. For all of this in an app that's free, we give it 5 stars.

And taking a quick look at those travel games you could play while you're traveling, topping our list for casual gamers is flight control. It's a pretty simple concept, you act as air traffic control and need to land certain planes onto certain runways. For the more serious gamer Reno Air Races pits you against the computer in a Red Bull style air race using your devices accelerometer. It's a big file so make sure you have the space and the patience for it to download.

If you have an app you want to review let us know and we'll take look. For the IDG News Service I'm Nick Barber and until next time, happy apping.




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