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Group test: what's the best reference software?

The best reference tools you can install and use

PC Advisor reviews the best reference software tools you can use.

5. Dictionary .Net

Small, freee pop-up software application Dictionary.Net looks things up on Google so you don't have to. It's free and potentially useful, but some users may find it just as easy to go to Google themselves.

4. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 for iPhone review

The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2010 for iPhone app only takes 61MB of space on the phone, but given the huge capacity of the iPhone we would rather have a larger database with more in-depth entries. At £11.99, it’s relatively expensive for an iPhone app, but may prove useful for pulling up some outline knowledge on a wide range of subjects when you’re missing an internet connection.

3. Who Do You Think You Are Family Tree Maker

Who Do You Think You Are Family Tree Maker is easy-to-use genealogy software that compiles informative and attractive reports and charts, without too much effort. Its extra feature and three month subscription to Ancestry.co.uk ensure it's value for money too.

2. Help by Leo

All in all, Help by Leo was indeed helpful - most of the time. It did occasionally stumble, but not so often that I'd hesitate to recommend it. Leo will prove especially useful to software newbies who are intimidated by text-heavy help menus, and would benefit from the application's ability to complete tasks for them. If you're looking at this as a way to ease your transition to Office 2010 from an earlier version, though, you might be disappointed with what you find.



1. Wikidroid for Android

If you regularly use Wikipedia, you'll want the Wikidroid app, because it's the best way for Android phone owners to get access to the online encyclopedia.

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