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Group test: what's the best NAS device?

The Top 5 NAS drives you can buy

PC Advisor picks out the best five home-entertainment, media-streaming devices available in the UK right now. 

5. Zxyel NSA325

Zxyel NSA325
  • Reviewed on: 9 February 12
  • RRP: £145 inc. VAT
  • Rating: Rated 9 out of 10

If you need a NAS drive for storing and sharing files on a network, you have two choices: buy a unit prestuffed with hard drives that's simple to set up and use, or get a diskless enclosure to which you must add your own storage. If you're willing to sacrifice the simplicity of a pre-built unit in return for greater configuration control, and demand strong performance and useful functions, you're exactly the type of user Zyxel had in mind when it designed the NSA325.

4. QNAP TS-1079 Pro

QNAP TS-1079 Pro
  • Reviewed on: 20 June 13
  • RRP: £2,000 inc VAT
  • Rating: Rated 8 out of 10

The QNAP TS-1079 is one very powerful, well-specified NAS unit, suitable for businesses and well-heeled power users who don't wish to install network racks, but need a particularly fast and capable one-box data respository. Build quality and finish match the supreme performance that we were able to measure for this high-end NAS solution.

3. Synology DiskStation DS413

Synology DiskStation DS413
  • Reviewed on: 17 February 13
  • RRP: £400 inc VAT
  • Rating: Rated 8 out of 10

The Synology DS413 sits comfortably between Synology’s entry-level DS413j and lauded DS412+ NAS products. A novel RISC processor choice in the DS413 provides a little more performance than faster-clocked ARM processor NAS drives at around the same price, and power consumption was also usefully low to keep it a wisely economical choice. With its comprehensive and approachable software interface and satisfactory hardware performance, the Synology DS413 comes recommended.

2. QNAP TS-421

  • Reviewed on: 13 December 13
  • RRP: £387 inc VAT without disks
  • Rating: Rated 7 out of 10

The QNAP TS-421 has broad reach across a number of services beside local network file serving, with powerful small-business services as well as plenty of potential for home multimedia hosting. Available for less than £400, this well-made four-bay NAS unit is a recommended product.

1. Synology DS413j

Synology DS413j
  • Reviewed on: 26 June 13
  • RRP: £275 inc VAT
  • Rating: Rated 8 out of 10

The Synology DS413j is an excellent option for a home NAS. It provides enough speed for streaming of HD video, and includes many useful features like a bit-torrent client, VPN and manmy of the software goodies of the more expensive end products running the DSM software. At £275 its a great budget buy.

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