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Group test: what's the best networking device?

The best networking devices you can buy

PC Advisor reviews the best networking equipment you can buy.

5. Buffalo AirStation WBMR-HP-GN

The Buffalo AirStation WBMR-HP-GN is a well priced all-in-one modem/router suitable for distributing a fast ADSL2+ connection over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet networks. It's relatively easy to set up, but its interface could use an overhaul.

4. TRENDnet Dual WAN Advanced VPN Router

The price and performance of the Dual WAN Advanced VPN Router make it an excellent option for small businesses looking for an affordable dual-WAN connection router.

3. Netgear Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000

Netgear's Digital Entertainer Live EVA2000 is a fine media streamer for those of you who want to stream videos off a USB 2.0 hard drive on to an older, standard-definition TV, but if you want to view good quality video on a high-definition screen, you're better off going for a more advanced model, such as the EVA9100.

2. WD LiveWire

Unlike many similar powerline adaptors, the WD LiveWire units each include four ethernet ports, greatly extending their usefulness for plugging in all manner of network peripherals at each end of your mini network. We just wish they were faster, and that the system was as cross-platform as it says on the box. And we do question why WD markets them as 200 Mb/s adaptors when they only seem to include ethernet ports whose top speed is 100 Mb/s.

1. D-Link DHP-307AV

Powerline network kit is simple to use, flexible and provides network stability beaten only by true ethernet cabling. The D-Link DHP-307AV scores highly for its svelte size and price, but the lack of a pass-through power socket will be a blow to some users.

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