What is the best big phone?

Best big phone RRP Key specifications
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge £639 Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Exynos 8890, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, 5.5in Quad-HD, 3600mAh
Google Nexus 6P £449 Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM, 32/64/128GB storage, 5.7in Quad-HD, 3450mAh
OnePlus 3 £329 OxygenOS (Android 6.0), Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, 5.5in Full-HD, 3000mAh

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Need a big phone? We round up the best phablets and large-screen phones you can buy in the UK in 2016/2017. Best big phone reviews. Also see Best smartphones 2016/2017 and Best tablets 2016/2017.

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Many a time we've been guilty of reviewing a smartphone and blasting it for not fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, or for requiring two hands for comfortable operation. But every one of us is different, and while some of us prefer our phones sleek and compact, others prefer them big and powerful. 

Large-screen phones aren't useful only for those with poor eyesight or fat fingers, they're also a good fit for avid mobile gamers and those who watch a lot of video. Also see: Best kids' phones 2016/2017

Generally speaking, a phablet (as they are known in the industry - a cross between phone and tablet) should be no less powerful than a standard smartphone. With more room inside the case they tend to have higher-capacity batteries, but you should also take into account that their larger screens may drain power faster than the smaller screens of phones with lower-capacity batteries.

We class smartphones with screens of 5.5in-plus on the diagonal as phablets. Take into account that the number of pixels will be stretched over a larger screen area, so a Quad-HD screen will be appreciated here more than it would on a compact phone. That said, though, even a full-HD screen will look crystal clear on a big phone - just watch out for anything lower in resolution than this.

Below we present our pick of the 20 best big phones you can buy in the UK in 2016/2017. Notable omissions from our chart include the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 Plus and brand-new Google Pixel. For the latter two we refuse to add phones to our round-ups until we've finished conducting our tests, but you can expect them to make an appearance within the next couple of weeks. As for the Note 7, this phablet previously sat at the top of this chart, though we made the decision to remove it until Samsung can fix its ongoing battery problems.

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20 best big phones 2016/2017

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 1 November 16
  • RRP: £639 inc VAT

The Galaxy S7 edge is no longer the semi-gimmick it was before. Although some of the main features are things from the Galaxy S5 – Micro-SD and waterproofing – Samsung has given fans what they want. It's now a refined, sophisticated and highly desirable piece of technology. The battery isn't removable but the phone lasts longer than before and has seriously powerful specs under the hood. It has almost everything you could want from a phone even though the IR blaster is gone. We're also very impressed with the new camera and unless the screen is too big for you (despite some software features to help out) we think it's worth getting the S7 edge for the extra £70 with its gorgeous looks and extra functionality. Right now, this is the best smartphone money can buy.

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2. Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 28 April 16
  • RRP: From £449 inc VAT

Originally, Nexus phones stood out for being excellent value at a price that was low, but not the lowest. They weren't an alternative to flagship phones, but they had the advantage of running stock Android and getting the next version more quickly. The 6P, though, is not only a flagship, but is arguably the best Android phone to buy at the moment. It won't suit everyone due to its size, nor those looking for a phone with dual-SIM slots or a removable battery. There's no support for wireless charging either. But the excellent screen, front-firing speakers, quick charging, great cameras, speedy performance and Android Marshmallow add up to make this a phone that's a pleasure to use. And yes, it's also cheaper than its rivals, so unless you think it's worth shelling out extra on the Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ or iPhone 6S Plus, the Nexus 6P is the one to buy.

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3. OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 1 December 16
  • RRP: £329 inc VAT

The OnePlus 3 is another amazing smartphone from the Chinese company as easily its best effort yet. It's a little bit more expensive than its predecessor but it's still a ridiculous price considering the design, build and hardware on offer which matches rivals but also beats them in some areas. There's very little to dislike here unless you really need things like expandable storage and waterproofing. You don't even need an invite any longer, either.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 15 October 15
  • RRP: £484.99

So, what do we think of the Galaxy Note 5? We’re very fond of just about every aspect of the Galaxy Note 5, from its curved and sleek design to its vibrant display and high-resolution camera. It can handle almost anything you can throw at it thanks to its CPU, GPU and 4GB of RAM and we experienced no lag during our testing. The only bad point is that the Note 5 would sometimes falsely detect the S Pen detaching – and to point out such a minor fault says a lot about the quality of the handset. With this being said, we’re both surprised and sad that the Galaxy Note 5 won’t be heading to UK shores any time soon.

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5. iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 9 September 16
  • RRP: From £619 inc VAT

The iPhone 6S Plus is a remarkable phone, and it's still a fantastic phone 12 months on. The 16GB model has finally been banished and the new minimum storage of 32GB should be workable for a lot of people.

3D Touch can sound gimmicky, but it’s absolutely not. It requires effort to force yourself to use it to begin with, but it quickly becomes second nature and app developers have put it to use in apps and games.

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6. Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 24 October 16
  • RRP: £719 (32GB) £819 (128GB)

While the Pixel XL is an attractive phone (if you can get used to the glass section) with decent combination of hardware and software, we can't help but feel a bit disappointed. It's very similar to the much cheaper Nexus 6P and OnePlus 3. You can get plenty of other Android phones for less which have extra features like waterproofing and expandable storage. Sorry Google, but things have gone a bit wrong here.

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7. Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei P9 Plus
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 6 September 16
  • RRP: £629 inc VAT

If you’re in the market for a sleek, premium phablet with a great dual-camera setup, the Huawei P9 Plus is a great option. The 5.5in SuperAMOLED FHD display is bright and crisp, and shows off the detailed photos taken by the rear-facing dual 12Mp snappers. The processor is strong enough to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7, although it doesn’t quite compare in terms of graphical power. However, it’s worth noting that there aren’t huge differences between the P9 Plus and the flagship P9 so depending on what you want from the smartphone, it may be worth taking a look at the £100 cheaper Huawei P9. Otherwise, it’s a decent premium flagship that we’re impressed with.

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8. Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 29 June 16
  • RRP: £212.04

If you want a huge phone and you don’t want to pay as large a wedge of cash, the Xiaomi Mi Max is a fantastic phablet with good looks, decent performance, strong runtime and, most importantly of all, a gigantic screen. Not ideal for novice users, but otherwise the Mi Max is a highly recommended smartphone.

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9. LG G4

  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 19 August 15
  • RRP: £500 inc VAT

LG has gone down an unexpected route with leather models which we like apart from a couple of colours. The so called ceramic model will be cheaper but feels cheap and plasticky. On the whole, hardware is once again strong - particularly the camera - but not massively different from the G3 and has tough competition. We feel build quality could be better with a metal frame and dimensions going down, not the reverse. This is the flagship to go for if you want a removable battery and expandable storage but it's a shame to see features like wireless charging dropped. (Remember the G3 is now a steal at under £300 SIM-free and the OnePlus 2 is now here)

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10. Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Pro
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 21 September 16
  • RRP: £256.04 inc. VAT

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro offers unbeatable value for money at around £250, undercutting every flagship yet offering much the same performance and many comparable features. Due to the lack of Google Play and a number of Chinese preinstalled apps we’d recommend Xiaomi phones only to seasoned Android users, however.

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11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 29 September 16
  • RRP: £192.93 inc. VAT

The Redmi Note 4 isn’t a huge upgrade over the Redmi Note 3 in terms of core hardware, with simply a greater amount of storage and a faster processor, but the design changes are a huge improvement over its predecessor. If you don’t care about looks and can make do with less storage then the cheaper Redmi Note 3 may well meet your needs. The Redmi Note 4 remains a great buy, but the omission of Google Play support may put off some users. O2 and Giffgaff customers should also note the lack of support for 800MHz 4G.

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12. Elephone P9000

Elephone P9000
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 11 March 16
  • RRP: 193.98 (plus import duty from China)

We’re very impressed with the Elephone P9000, which is a great all-round Android phone at an unbelievable sub-£200 price. It’s fast, battery life is good, it’s feature-packed and it even runs Marshmallow. Wireless- and quick-charging-, NFC-, USB-C-, dual-SIM- and microSD support are the icing on the cake. Recommended.

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13. Moto Z Play

Moto Z Play
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 11 November 16
  • RRP: £379.99 inc VAT

The Moto Mods accessories are the main reason to buy the Moto Z Play, but it's a decent mid-range phone regardless. For an affordable price Lenovo offers premium design, good specs and a well-rounded software experience. You only really need to splash out on the Moto Z for the Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 820 and OIS camera should you feel the need for those features (but also bear in mind the more expensive version has no headphone jack and a smaller battery).

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14. Asus ZenFone 3

Asus ZenFone 3
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 25 October 16
  • RRP: £284.05 inc. VAT

The ZenFone 3 is a good all-round mid-range phone with decent performance and some nice extras under £300, but also a fair amount of bloatware. It's quite an update on the ZenFone 2, and definitely worth considering as an upgrade.

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15. Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 14 December 15
  • RRP: £499 inc VAT (32GB); £549 inc VAT (64GB)

There are some good things about the Nexus 6 including build quality and some top-end hardware such as the screen, processor and camera. However, it's simply too big, unwieldy and expensive to warrant awarding it anything higher than four stars and really get behind it (unless we wanted to hid from something). In the phablet market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply better even if it is pricier and the excellent LG G3 at less than £300 is another thorn in the Nexus 6's side.

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16. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 21 September 15
  • RRP: £539 (16GB); £619 (64GB)

When we initially wrote this review, the new size was something of an unknown. For many people the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6S) is the better choice for the reasons we list in our iPhone 6 vs 6 Plus comparison. The truth is that a 5.5in screen isn't quite big enough to enable the 6 Plus to replace a tablet, yet the device is arguably too big and unwieldy as a smartphone. It will suit some people perfectly, especially if you watch a lot of video or play a lot of games, while others will quickly see that it's not for them: it won't fit in their jeans pocket and demands two-handed operation much of the time. One thing is for sure: the iPhone 6 Plus is still expensive. If you're keen to buy one right now, we'd recommend against the 16GB model. And that leaves the 64GB at £619, but if you're already spending this much money, you may as well spend an extra £80 and get the 64GB iPhone 6S Plus. Or, if you can live with a smaller screen, the 64GB iPhone 6S also costs £619. Of course, there is another option: used or refurbished. If you can find a 64GB model at a good price in the refurbished section of Apple's website, it could be a tempting deal compared to the 6S or 6S Plus.

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17. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 8 December 15
  • RRP: £529 inc VAT

The Lumia 950 XL is an attractive phone for those looking for Windows productivity thanks to features like Continuum and Universal Apps. It's a good deal at the moment with the free Display Dock but he phone itself has nothing major going for it on the design front and simply offers a bigger screen and slightly better processor than the regular model. Overall, we're not blown away with Windows 10 on phones with its bugs and lack of apps but it will be a solid choice for some.

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18. Leagoo Shark 1

Leagoo Shark 1
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 21 June 16
  • RRP: £121.18 inc. VAT

It has a huge battery and a huge screen, making it a perfect fit for some customers and unwieldy for others. Whatever your take, the Leagoo Shark 1 offers fantastic value for money, if only its general performance lived up to its battery power.

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19. Samsung Galaxy A7 2016

Samsung Galaxy A7 2016
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 5 July 16
  • RRP: £399 inc. VAT

The new Samsung Galaxy A7 for 2016 is a great-looking upgrade over its predecessor, with outstanding battery life and a few other welcome tweaks, but there is no escaping the fact it is overpriced at £399. That’s even more apparent when you consider the better-specced, more fully featured and significantly faster Galaxy S6 is available for £40 less.

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20. Vodafone Smart Ultra 7

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7
  • Rating: ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
  • Reviewed on: 19 July 16
  • RRP: £135

Vodafone’s Smart Ultra 7 in our opinion isn’t really an upgrade over the Smart Ultra 6. It’s £10 more expensive than the previous model and doesn’t really perform as well – the Smart 7 had worse benchmarking results than its predecessor in GFXBench, scoring 13fps compared to 14fps in T-Rex and 5.3fps compared to 5.7fps in Manhattan, although the Smart Ultra 7 bested the 6 in Geekbench 3 with results of 3002 compared to 2469. The camera, though the same on paper, seems to have had a slight downgrade too, producing rather washed out photos during testing. On the other hand, the 5.5in 1080p HD display is vibrant and crisp, and one must remember that the smartphone only costs £135 so if you are on a budget, it’s still a solid option.

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