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Latest Android Test Centre

  • Test Centre: Best Android smartphones of 2015: The 49 best Android phones you can buy

    Reviews of the 49 best Android smartphones that are available to buy in the UK in 2015. Best Android phones. Best Androids reviews.

  • Test Centre: Best smartphones of 2015: 49 best phones you can buy in the UK

    The 49 best smartphones available to buy in the UK right now. The best phones you can buy in the UK - Best Android phones, best iPhones, best Windows Phones - best phones reviews. Keep reading to find out what is the best phone of 2015.

  • Test Centre: 32 best power banks 2015 UK: best portable chargers

    If you're going to be away from mains power for a few days or your smartphone or tablet's battery simply won't last a whole working day, a portable charger can be your best friend. We round up the 32 best power banks you can buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: 38 best tablets of 2015 UK

    What is the best tablet available in 2015? Good question. Take a look at this chart of the 38 best tablets you can buy right now in the UK and you will find out.

  • Test Centre: Best free Chromecast apps 2015 UK

    We all know Google's Chomecast supports a handful of great apps, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vevo, Plex, Rdio and BT Sport, and that you can enjoy movies and music bought through Google or stored on your device or network via the streaming dongle. But what about the apps you don't know about? More than 250 apps support Chromecast streaming; here's our pick of some great free Chromecast apps for Android in the UK 2015.

  • Test Centre: 42 best kids' apps 2015: best apps for children

    The best kids' apps of 2015. Great free apps for children of all ages. Best fun apps, best educational apps. Best apps for kids. Great apps for babies, apps for toddlers, apps for school kids and apps for teens. 42 apps for kids that are actually worth installing. It's, quite simply, the best apps for kids.

  • Test Centre: 13 best smartwatches 2015 UK

    Wearable technology is all the rage, and smartwatches are the new gadgets leading the charge. Here we review and rank the best smartwatches available to buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: Best Android antivirus 2015 UK

    We test six of the best Android antivirus apps available in the UK in 2015: what is the best security app for Android? Read on to find out.

  • Test Centre: The 28 best Android tablets of 2015 UK

    If you're looking to buy a tablet – that isn't the iPad – then you should consider buying an Android tablet. Here's where we present to you the 28 best Android tablets available to buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: 13 best budget tablets 2015 UK

    If you're in the market for a tablet PC but don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on a top of the range device, then you really don't have to, there are some excellent cheap tablets out there. Here is a list of the 13 best tablets available to buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: 10 best 10in tablets of 2015 UK

    We review and rank the 10 best 10in tablets you can buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: Best January sales 2015 UK tech deals, bargains, savings, offers

    Start 2015 with a bang: the sales start now! Ready to shop some more amazing bargains and find great savings on tech? We bring you the best January sales 2015 tech deals on phones, tablets, laptops and more in our Best UK tech deals live blog.

  • Test Centre: 200 best Android apps for everything 2015 UK

    200 best Android apps for everything in 2015. We collected together the best apps for 33 different categories: best Android apps for new phones and tablets, must-have Android apps, best Android apps for kids and more.

  • Test Centre: Cheapest 4G smartphones of 2015: The 8 best budget 4G phones

    The cheapest 4G smartphones of 2015. The 8 best budget 4G phones. Best cheap 4G smartphones reviewed, cheapest 4G smartphones. With 4G firmly in place in the UK, we round up the cheapest 4G enabled smartphones you can buy in 2015.

  • Test Centre: Best selfie smartphones of 2015: The 7 best phones for taking selfies

    Best selfie smartphones of 2015: The 7 best phones for taking selfies - best selfie phone reviews - the best smartphone selfie cameras. Selfies are the big thing for smartphones in 2015. Here we reveal the 7 best phones for taking selfies available to buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: 11 best Google Cardboard apps 2015 UK

    Google Cardboard is a wicked toy and a brilliant gift idea, allowing you to turn any Android 4.1+ phone into a virtual-reality headset for a tenner. But the apps found within the Cardboard app are relatively limited and can get boring quick. Here are some of our favourite alternative Google Cardboard apps.

  • Test Centre: 5 best Nexus 6 cases 2015 UK: Protect your Nexus 6 from damage

    If you've just bought a Nexus 6 you'll know Google has gone for the premium end of the market with its latest Android smartphone. Costing from £499 SIM-free, you're not going to want to damage your Nexus 6 but, sooner or later, this super-sized Moto X is going to fall out your hand. This chunky phablet is going to smash. That aluminium case is going to scratch, and it's going to look nasty. Protect your phone with one of these Nexus 6 cases - we've rounded up five of the best.

  • Test Centre: Best budget smartphones of 2015: 19 best cheap phones you can buy in UK

    The best budget smartphones of 2015. The 19 best cheap phones you can buy in the UK: best cheap smartphones, budget smartphone reviews. If you want a smartphone that won't break the bank then you've come to the right place. Here are the 19 best budget smartphones available to buy in the UK in 2015.

  • Test Centre: What's the fastest smartphone 2015 UK?

    Which smartphone to buy is a highly personal choice: you might go for the best-looking phone, or the best-value phone, or perhaps even the phone from that brand you know and love. Some of us have to have the fastest smartphone. Here we break down the processor-, graphics- and web performance results of each smartphone to find out what's the fastest smartphone 2015 UK.

  • Test Centre: Best tech presents and gadget gifts for Christmas 2014 UK

    It's not just geeks who love tech: your mum, dad, partner, child, best friend and even your gran would love to receive some of the gifts in our ultimate Christmas 2014 wishlist. Read on for our advice on the very best phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, games, wearable tech, headphones, speakers, e-readers, satnavs and accessories to gift this Xmas.

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