PC Advisor reviews the best Blu-ray Disc drives you can buy in the UK in 2015.

5. Lite-On iHBS212

Lite-On iHBS212
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  • Reviewed on: 19 January 12
  • RRP: £94.02 inc VAT

The Lite-On iHBS212 may not be a huge step forwards in terms of raw speed, but it’s still the fastest Blu-ray drive we’ve seen yet. Given that it ticks the boxes in every other area, and will cost a fairly modest £80 for the OEM version (around £90 for the retail pack with LightScribe), that makes this Lite-On the best of the drives currently available.



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4. Lite-On IHES112-115

Lite-On IHES112-115
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  • Reviewed on: 23 October 12
  • RRP: £50 inc VAT

The main problem with this drive is that it just isn’t very cheap. At £50 it’s too much to pay for a BD-ROM drive when you can have a full Blu-ray reader/writer for around £65-£70. But if you’re sure you’ll only ever be reading BD media, then this saves you a few pounds.

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3. LG BP40NS20

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  • Reviewed on: 28 September 12
  • RRP: £90 inc VAT

As media speeds push up to double figures, this drive will fall further behind its rivals. For the time being, though, it's a visually pleasing and assured drive that offers a little for everyone. It is available for a good range of prices, though, so try and hunt down a deal that gets you the drive for £90 or less.

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2. LG BH10LS38.AUAU10B

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  • Reviewed on: 18 January 12
  • RRP: £60 inc. VAT

The best thing about the LG is its price, which has potential to open up the recordable Blu-ray format to many more consumers

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1. Pioneer BDR-208DBK

Pioneer BDR-208DBK
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  • Reviewed on: 22 August 13
  • RRP: £64 inc. VAT

It's notable that Blu-ray writers are now finally fairly cheap. This Pioneer BDR-208DBK is the best drive that we've seen yet, and yet can be bought for just £64. Provided you're prepared to buy the best media, you can coax faster writing speeds, and it undoubtedly becomes our top pick. Costing just £3 more, the Pioneer BDR-208EBK is well worth considering if there's any chance you'll need to use XL media.

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