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8 best gaming PCs 2015: What's the best gaming PC you can buy in the UK?

The 8 best gaming PCs you can buy in the UK in 2015, and why you should buy them

High-end gaming is one area in which the desktop PC still reigns supreme. In this category we allow vendors to go all out, kitting out their systems to the best of their abilities. Here are the 8 best gaming PCs available to buy in the UK in 2015. (For more advice, see How to buy a great games PC.)

Best gaming PCs 2015 UK: buying advice

If your budget is tight, you can save a significant amount of money by hanging on to your old monitor, keyboard and mouse. Aria's FX-Viper 8320 expects you to take exactly this approach and at £895 is by far the least expensive of the group. It's also the only system based on an AMD processor, and although it runs at the same 4.4GHz clock speed as most of the competition, it struggled to keep up the pace both when running applications and games. Furthermore, we measured a power consumption of over 650W when running at full load, which exceeds the rating of the 600W power supply included. Consider this system if your funds won't stretch to the Wired2Fire Diablo GTX-M, but do consider upgrading the power supply.

The Serenity Mini Gamer from Quiet PC operates in near silence, so it's a great choice if you don't want to disturb the peace with a whirring PC. It's reasonably priced, but doesn't include a monitor. Its CPU was also set at stock speeds, and without overclocking it inevitably turned in the slowest PCMark 7 scores. However, we're sure you'd be able to eke some more performance out of it if you know what you're doing.

For the best raw processing system performance, Yoyotech's Warbird RS2 came out on top with its Hyper Threading Core i7 processor; but its high overall price isn't matched by higher gaming speeds.

Even more expensive is CyberPower's Infinity Perseus XT. It's a good performer featuring AMD-powered graphics in a full-sized case that's great for upgraders. It also includes a much larger SSD, Blu-ray playback and gaming peripherals.

Highly recommended for sheer value for money, Wired2Fire's Diablo GTX-M is an incredible buy at £1099, offering great features and excellent performance in a super-compact case. This PC came extremely close to being our best buy, but unfortunately, that case is pretty cramped and it's not so easy to tinker inside. Also, the PC failed to complete our more stressful tests as configured and required us to make some changes in the EFI ourselves to preserve stability.

Our Best Buy award goes to Chillblast's Fusion Probe which sits in the middle of the price range, yet delivered the highest PC Mark 7 score and the fastest high-quality gaming results. The monitor mouse and keyboard aren't quite as exciting as some of the competition, but at this price it can't be faulted.

Best gaming PCs 2015 UK: top 8 reviews

8. Aria FX-Viper 8320

The Aria FX-Viper 8320 is reasonably priced, but you'll have to factor in the cost of a monitor, keyboard and mouse if you don't have these already. Performance is measurably lower than most of the competition, but gaming frame rates are fast enough for smooth graphics at high resolutions and quality settings. We would recommend a beefier power supply, however.

7. Quiet PC Serenity Mini Gamer

The Quiet PC Serenity Mini Gamer is beautifully put together and runs virtually silently. However, its powerful Intel Core i7-4770K processor hasn't been overclocked and therefore measures much slower than the competition. More important in its gaming role, the PC's GeForce GTX 650 Ti graphics card is no match for the likes of a GTX 780.

6. Yoyotech Warbird RS2

The Yoyotech Warbird features the fastest processor a gaming PC could desire, and consequently delivers the best raw computing power we've seen in a gaming PC. However, its Core i7 processor adds to the overall cost without significantly improving gaming benchmarks. Its compact system case is attractive and well put together and it comes with a strong set of peripherals.

5. Computer Planet GX 760

The Fractal Design Node 304 case was a big hit when it appeared in the Mesh Elite Mini Gaming PC. And it's another hit here, even if more modestly clothed. If it's the last word in gaming power that you hanker after, this machine clearly isn't for you. However, it offers very capable frame rates, and does so while putting out very little noise or drawing much power, and itself consumes little space. As an overall system for people who like to play games in comfort, this Computer Planet machine stands out.

4. CyberPower Infinity Perseus XT

CyberPower's Infinity Perseus XT is a traditional full-size gaming PC with great performance, strong peripherals and double the usual amount of SSD storage. Its larger case provides for easy access to components and ample options for upgrades. It is however, quite an expensive PC.

3. Gladiator Firestorm OC

While it lacks the more petit dimensions of the gaming PCs in our recent compact system group test, this Gladiator PC is still reasonably small when compared to a standard gaming PC system. It's fairly quiet, and relatively conservative on power consumption when gaming. It doesn't have the fancy hardware of some compact PCs, but it can make a good job of games at lower 720p resolutions, along with huge processing potential for regular Windows work. It may lose in the compact, discreet gaming category but at £695 it’s a decently priced part-time gamer PC.

2. Chillblast Fusion Ranger

This isn't perhaps Chillblast's most spine-tingling PC. Neither is it amazingly cheap. But then, you are getting a monstrous graphics card, a new chipset, and a host of highly-impressive components for the money. For those searching for good performance combined with ample cooling, this is another enticing proposition from Chillblast.

1. Chillblast Fusion Probe

With its sleek, compact case available in a choice of colours, the Fusion Probe is an attractive and practical PC. It delivers great overall application performance and comes with a truly powerful graphics card, although gaming scores were no better than systems fitted with less ambitiously overclocked graphics and somewhat slower when running at lower-quality settings.

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