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Group test: What's the best mid-range desktop PC?

The Top 5 sub-£1,000 desktop PCs you can buy right now

PC Advisor reviews the best 5 desktop PCs between £601 and £1,000, on sale in the UK today.

5. CyberPower Apollo XT

Looks can be deceptive, and the CyberPower Apollo XT budget desktop PC looks and sounds more powerful than it really is. Nonetheless, CyberPower’s good build quality, easy overclocking capability and long three-year limited warranty, combined with performance that should satisfy most users, make it an attractive proposition to budget buyers.

4. Palicomp Core i3 Blast 540-22 USB3

Combining a generous amount of storage with USB 3.0 technology, a discrete graphics card, a full-HD monitor and stereo speakers, the Palicomp Core i3 Blast 540-22 USB3 budget desktop PC offers great value for non-gamers who want a powerful, upgradable PC.

3. DinoPC Plutosaur 650

If gaming isn’t your bag and you aren’t fussed about USB 3.0 support, DinoPC's Plutosaur 650 budget desktop PC offers a fantastic screen and very good Windows performance.

2. Arbico i3 5600 XL

The compact dimensions of the Arbico i3 5600 XL budget desktop PC may make it look timid, but its Windows performance is anything but.

1. Chillblast Fusion Raven

Fastest across the board and providing a great selection of peripherals, Chillblast’s Fusion Raven power desktop PC is well deserving of first place.

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