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Bonusprint - AlbumPrinter for iPad review


Manufacturer: Bonusprint

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

Bonusprint is best known for its film processing service, but also has a photo-book creation service that you can choose to use online or download to your Windows PC or Mac. In addition, there’s now a Bonusprint iPad app.

This ought to lend itself rather well to the book creation process since you can view large thumbnails of your current layout before importing and placing them. In practice, we found this iPad version of Bonusprint rather limited.

There’s a single book design with a fixed length of 24 photos, one per page. This limits your choice, of course, but it also means you can produce a book very quickly indeed – perfect if you need to get a wriggle on to hit a particular deadline such as a birthday. As with the online Bonusprint photo book creator, delivery from the Bonusprint iPad app takes up to a week.

Another timesaver is that there’s no need to upload photos to a website; just browse to the photos on your iPad and import them. They are imported in landscape orientation, but can be turned through 90 degrees by clicking on the rotate icon. See also: Best iPad apps.

Manipulating images is possible, but the software automatically fills the frame and you need to pinch and push relatively forcefully to shift a photo around. Portrait images imported into the Bonusprint for iPad layout end up being heavily cropped (so they fill the page widthways). This means that not all such photos will suit the template. Interestingly, when we supplemented our album with a couple of shots taken on an iPhone 4, those images were sufficiently good quality to include. If you import an image of less than 1MB, you’ll get a prompt stating that the photo is too low-resolution to be suitable for printing.

Once you’re happy with your pages, click through and enter your payment and delivery details. Note that if the photo album is for a friend, you can have it addressed to them, but emails confirming your order and that the book has been sent out will also carry their name. It’s rather a shame that there’s no means of adding a title or captions to the book, nor for saving the book and creating another. (The app retains the book you create, but you can’t save a complete one and then create another.)

We rather liked the book that arrived in the post. Colours and detail were well reproduced. The book comes with an opaque plastic cover, making the first image in your 24-page layout the cover photo, and is ring-bound. Curiously, although we’d filled the full 24 pages, there were three blanks at the end. 

Bonusprint for iPad Expert Verdict »

free photo album creation software for Apple iPad. Available from the iTunes Store, creates 24-page ring-bound album in landscape format. Books cost £9.99 each (excluding delivery) and take seven days to arrive.
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

Bonusprint for iPad is simplistic, but we can’t knock the convenience factor of being able to create and order a photo memento of a holiday or special occasion in five minutes flat. The limitation of having to use only landscape shots is rather unfortunate, though.

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