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Android tablet apps Reviews
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VLC Direct Pro Android app review

£2 inc VAT

Manufacturer: VideoLan

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

Watch, control and stream videos from your computer to your Android tablet…and vice versa!

Files can be very annoying at times. If you've got a movie stored on your computer but want to watch it on your tablet, then you've got to go through the needlessly laborious task of connected your tablet to your computer and then copy the files you want over. Far too much faffing about. That's where VLC Direct Pro app earns is modest price tag of £2.33.

VLC Direct Pro acts as a sort of wireless streaming bridge from your computer to your tablet and, if like us, you have your computer and tablet connected to the same basic Wi-Fi network, operation of the app is remarkably easy. All you need to do is enable the VLC web interface on your computer - which the app shows you how to do - and hey presto, you're away and running and ready to watch films.

Once you've completed the easy setup of VLC Direct Pro, you're free to use your tablet as a remote control for watching movies on your computer. I found this particularly useful, when watching movies from my laptop on my TV - the annoyingly short VGA cable method, means that the laptop I use is well out of reach. Not having to get up to pause, rewind or change the movie I was watching instantly justified the £2.33 and I spent on the app. On the downside, the file explorer isn't the cleanest, and a redesign of this feature wouldn't go a miss, in my humble opinion.

The second major trick that the app lets you do is stream movies from your computer to your tablet. Perfect if you have a media centre, or even if someone in the house is using the computer and you want to watch a film. It's worth noting that playback using this wasn't perfect and there was minor juddering experienced. However the developers claim to be working to improve this feature as it seems to be a common complaint with the app on the Google Android marketplace. Once again, setting this feature up was ridiculously easy to do.

vlc pro direct vlc pro direct

Great app to have if you're a VLC lover…like me.

VLC Direct Pro Expert Verdict »

Android 2.0 and up
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

For £2.99 this app is a bit of a steal. Not only do you get to wireless stream content both ways with your tablet and computer, but also this app doubles up as remote control for VLC player on your computer. It's by no means without faults and minor glitches, but it a step in the right direction and costs next to nothing. Cracking effort.

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