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X1 Mobile Search


Manufacturer: X1 Technologies

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

If you've got the free X1 Mobile Connect on your computer and X1 Mobile Search on your iPhone or iPad, you can search and edit docs at will.

The Apple iPad is increasingly replacing laptops as people's portable computers. It's certainly small and nifty to use. But what happens if you've got an iPad (or iPhone) and want to access files on your main PC or Mac? You're out of luck. X1 Mobile Search aims to solve the problem. Install the iOS app, and then install the free X1 Mobile Connect on your PC or Mac, and you can search for files on your PC or Mac right from your iPad or iPhone, view the files, and edit them. It's a great way to grab your files no matter where you are.

After you install the software on your PC and iOS device, you'll be run through a setup routine that connects them using secure encryption. From that point on, when you want to find files on your PC or Mac, run X1 Mobile Search on your iPad or iPhone, and find, view, and edit the files. It's that simple. X1 Mobile Search even tracks files that you've searched for and viewed previously, and lists them. Just tap the icon on your iOS device, and you'll see them all.

X1 Mobile Connect will have to be running on your PC or Mac in order for it to work, and the PC or Mac will have to be connected to the Internet, of course. On your PC or Mac you can change a variety of settings, such as whether to start X1 Mobile Connect automatically, whether to show notifications on the taskbar, and so on. And while your iOS device is connected to your PC or Mac, the PC or Mac will show details, such as how much data has been sent and received.

Unlike some other programs that allow you to share files between mobile devices and PC and Macs, this one is designed for searching the whole computer, rather than just sharing specific files or pieces of information. You'll find it a great complement to other programs such as Evernote and SugarSync.

X1 Mobile Search - Securely search your PC or Mac. Expert Verdict »

iOS, Macintosh OS X, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP
iOS app installed on iPad or iPhone
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

The ability to search your PC or Mac from your Apple iPad or iPhone, and for free, makes X1 Mobile Search a great install.

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