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ALK CoPilot Live Premium app review

£20.82 inc. VAT (on Android)

Manufacturer: Alk

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

CoPilot is a perennial favourite satnav application, and while it will set you back a few pounds it is cheaper than some.

CoPilot is a perennial favourite satnav application, and while it will set you back a few pounds it is cheaper than some. It is available for the iPhone and Android as well as for the iPad and there are various country packs available. As a guide, a UK and Ireland package for Android costs £20.82 through the Android Market.

We have always liked the clear mapping that CoPilot offers, even on smaller screens. The large, finger-friendly menu buttons are also a positive point. Among the more likeable features in this latest edition we’ve found the lane assist quite useful. On large motorway junctions in particular the giant arrows help you pre-plan dealing with huge numbers of lanes.

We’re also fans of the new drag routing feature. You can simply use a finger to pull a pre-planned route in a new direction. This can be useful if you spot a town or beauty spot you’d like to take in on a long journey. It’s a lot quicker than going back into the route planning interface and adding a new stopping off point.

We also like the way CoPilot Live can display three alternative routes on screen at the same time useful. These highlight distance and time as well as route, and if you buy the ActiveTraffic service real time traffic speeds are taken into account in calculating journey speeds.

CoPilot Live Premium Sat Nav - UK + ROI Expert Verdict »

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  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

The latest edition of CoPilot Live crams in some connected and social media services that won’t appeal to all. But its clear user interface makes using it in vehicle a positive experience.

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