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Just Dance 3 Autodance Android app review


Manufacturer: Ubisoft

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

Just Dance 3 Autodance is an Android app that creates videos of your friends dancing and sets them to music

Ubisoft, makers of the Just Dance game for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 that allows players to copy on-screen dance moves to their favourite tracks in a bid to earn points, have launched an app for Apple iPhones and Google Android devices. The free app automatically makes your friends dance, with some very funny results.

Once you’ve installed and launched AutoDance, you can either begin making a video, preview past videos or get a tutorial on how to use the app. You’ll need to make four very short clips of your friend or family member making a movement, whether it’s a full on dance or simply kicking their leg or waving their arm. To record the clips simply press and hold the pink circles displayed on the screen. We loved the fact you can even re-record the clip if you’re unhappy with it by simply pressing that section of the screen.

Once the clips have been shot, pressing Go will allow you to select from one of three dance tracks and then your video clip will be generated. You can watch it back on your phone, but be warned, you’ll probably be laughing uncontrollably. There’s even an option to post the video on the Autodance YouTube channel, or even email it to them.

However, it’s worth noting the app will not work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the HTC Desire or the Google Nexus S.

Autodance Android app review

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This free app creates hours of fun and plenty of laughter. For maximum embarrassment, upload the videos of your friends dancing to Facebook and then tag them.

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