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CopyTrans 4.1 review

$20 (£12)

Manufacturer: CopyTrans

Back up media files on your iPhone 4, iPod or other Apple device with CopyTrans 4.1.

Back up media files on your iPhone 4, iPod or other Apple device with CopyTrans 4.1.

Back up media files on your iPhone 4, iPod or other Apple device with CopyTrans 4.1.

Newly updated to add support for the iPad and iPhone 4, CopyTrans 4.1 backs up individual media files directly from your iPhone or iPod to your PC.

We successfully tested the CopyTrans 4.1 backup utility with both an older iPhone and a newer iPad, and it worked flawlessly with both. We quickly and easily backed up files from the devices straight to the appropriate iTunes folders. CopyTrans doesn't need to launch iTunes in the background to function, saving you RAM and other system resources.

The main criticism of the previous two versions of the CopyTrans backup utility regarded its inability to set a custom iTunes folder during a smart backup. That's still an issue in version 4.1, but there's a way around it that we've recently discovered: click Manual Backup, click Folder, and tell CopyTrans where your music actually is. That way, you won't end up with a flood of duplicate music files. The Smart Backup feature, therefore, isn't very smart, as it seems to always put the music in the wrong place. You're going to want that greater control over where the many gigs of music on your device will backup to.

Note that the demo version of CopyTrans 4.1 allows for backing up only 100 tracks at a time. The full version costs $20 (around £12). There's no way to install CopyTrans individually: you must install the full suite.

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CopyTrans 4.1 Expert Verdict »

Windows XP/Vista/7
2.5MB hard-disk space
iPhone 3G/3GS/4/iPod touch 2G/3G/4G/iPad/iPod nano up to 6G/iPod classic/iPod video/iPod photo/iPod shuffle up to 4G/iPod mini

Other than the Smart Backup continuing to not be very smart, CopyTrans 4.1 is a pretty handy backup utility to have around. Many Apple device owners may still wish that moving files from a device to your PC were natively supported by Apple. Until then, though, there's CopyTrans.

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