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Siber Systems GoodSync2Go Pro review

£19 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Siber Systems

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

Synchronise folders between PCs using a USB Flash drive and GoodSync2Go Pro.

Synchronise folders between PCs using a USB Flash drive and GoodSync2Go Pro.

If you've got more than one PC, you know how frustrating it can be to try and keep their folders synchronised. It's easy to overwrite new files with older ones, work on older files accidentally, or forget to transfer files from one PC to another. GoodSync2Go Pro solves the problem by using a USB drive to keep them in synch.

You install GoodSync2Go Pro on a USB flash drive, and using it, synchronise files from your initial PC to the USB drive. Then plug the flash drive into your second PC, run GoodSync2Go Pro, and synchronise the files with that PC. You keep using GoodSync2Go as a go-between as a way to keep the folders in synch.

Keep in mind that before you have to first insert a USB Flash drive into your PC, and then install the GoodSync2Go Pro to the USB drive, not to your PC. And you'll also have to create a folder or folders on the USB drive where you want to synchronise the files.

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Siber Systems GoodSync2Go Pro Expert Verdict »

Windows XP, Windows Vista
Portable USB drive
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

GoodSync2Go Pro is useful, but there are better, free options available that do the same job more easily if you have internet connections for your PCs. SugarSync Free will automatically synchronise folders between internet-connected PCs, without you having to use a USB drive - and it does it for free. But if you don't have internet access all the time for both PCs, GoodSync2Go Pro will do the job nicely.

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