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Boot Snooze review

Free (donationware)

Manufacturer: Skwire

Our Rating: We rate this 3 out of 5

Boot Snooze is a simple donationware app that's designed to restart your PC and then leave it in hibernation.

Boot Snooze is a simple donationware app that's designed to restart your PC and then leave it in hibernation.

A timer counts down, and the PC restarts; after the restart completes, the PC goes into either hibernation or standby mode after a second timer counts down. Boot Snooze works just fine, with one caveat.

The caveat: Boot Snooze works only if you don't have a password on your user account (or if you have enabled auto-login). Many Windows users have chosen to password protect or add users to their system. After Boot Snooze reboots, the system will then stop at the user select and/or password screen. Only after you log in will Boot Snooze reappear and perform the chosen hibernation or standby.

This stoppage by Windows means that Boot Snooze is only marginally useful on a password-protected PC. Before I discovered the password requirement, I could see it being used as a timed reboot/standby for falling asleep listening to music, or while a virus scan is running overnight, and so on, the presence of the login screen gets in the way of that.

Therefore, only the shutdown portion of Boot Snooze is at all useful to a user with a password login, and you might as well just use the less elaborate Delayed Shutdown for that.

One possible use for Boot Snooze would be for frequent PC-hibernators or -standbyers who prefer not to update their PCs upon reboot. These users would always wake up to a fresh PC with the latest updates without having to wait. If you're using this on a PC in your bedroom, this might work just fine. If this in an office PC or one in a public area of the home, then the login screen gets in the way of that idea.

I also noticed that while Delayed Shutdown will override unsaved apps and force a shutdown, Boot Snooze will not; it waits for you to shut down applications, just as if you selected Restart from the start menu.

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Boot Snooze Expert Verdict »

Windows XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7
1MB hard disk space
  • Overall: We give this item 6 of 10 overall

If your PC is physically secure, then Boot Snooze may be a good choice for you. Delayed Shutdown is a better bet for most users.

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