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Red Faction: Guerrilla review

£34 inc VAT

Manufacturer: THQ

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

We've fallen madly in love with Red Faction: Guerrilla - loaded with all of the content from the incendiary original release, not to mention some exemplary PC exclusives, Volition has struck gold with the definitive edition of the most explosive title of 2008.

We've fallen madly in love with Red Faction: Guerrilla - loaded with all of the content from the incendiary original release, not to mention some exemplary PC exclusives, Volition has struck gold with the definitive edition of the most explosive title of 2008.

After the lacklustre PC port of Volition's Saints Row 2, there was a fair amount of skepticism that the upcoming re-release of Red Faction: Guerrilla might suffer the same buggy fate.

After a three month delay, not to mention talk of some incredibly high system specs, it was only expected that plenty of aspiring revolutionaries would grow antsy. I'm happy to report, however, that all of that extra tweaking and fine-tuning has certainly paid off, with Volition sparing no expense when it came to insuring that the PC release of RF:G would sport the same amount of quality known to its console brethren. Equipped with an iBuyPower LAN Warrior gaming rig, I flicked all of the game's settings to maximum, ready to dissect this destructive experience one more time.

If there's one thing Guerrilla has plenty of, it's content. RFG's PC release comes jam-packed with a mass of bonus material, including the game's first two DLC packs, exclusive multiplayer maps. and even the game's pre-order exclusive Wrecking Crew maps sure to please even the most devious of demolishers.

Guerrilla's spectacular single player campaign returns untouched, and with DirectX 10 support, it not only looks as good as you'd expect from gaming consoles, but with a high-end gaming PC, it might just look a little better. Guerrilla is compatible with both the wired 360 controller, as well as a customizable mouse/keyboard combo. I opted for the latter option for my initial play through, and am very happy to report that the vehicle lag present in Saints Row 2 was nowhere to be found.

...and then some

Guerrilla's core objective remains the same: liberate Mars from the clutches of the sinister Earth Defense Force and blow everything to kingdom come in the process.

Nothing has really changed from the game's original single player campaign, as buildings still topple majestically and vehicles still squash beneath Walkers like particularly crunchy bags of crisps.

One of the biggest additions to this version has to be the inclusion of Demons of the Badlands, the game's first DLC pack. Set three years before the events of the core story, Demons follows the vicious Marauders as they struggle to regain their freedom from the EDF.

Demons introduces a new area to explore in Mariner Valley, not to mention a new controllable protagonist, weapons, and a few cool new vehicles. The inclusion of Demons is only complimented by the additions to the game's multiplayer and Wrecking Crew modes - chief among them a myriad of new maps. Even if you never set foot in an online match, the sheer amount of content you get is pretty hard to fault.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla isn't without its faults. The game's AI is still a bit dim at times, with allies laying down covering fire one minute and running in front of a moving vehicle the next.

The game's story is still slightly lacklustre at times, and the difficulty curves pretty quickly, but I really can't fault the game too much. When taken into perspective, most of these complaints just seem like nitpicking. For everything that Guerrilla does right, it more than makes up for any possible shortcomings.

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Red Faction Guerrilla Expert Verdict »

1000MB Ram
14.6GB Hard disk
Vista/Win XP
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

The PC version of Red Faction: Guerrilla is a blast from start to finish, and the amount of extra content packed into it is well worth the price of admission. It may not be revolutionary, and it may not be perfect, but Guerrilla is still an incredibly fun game and a fantastic entry into the third person shooter genre.

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