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Street Racing Syndicate

£20 inc VAT

Manufacturer: HIP

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

The object of Street Racing Syndicate is to buy a nice car and do it up so that it goes fast and looks good. Then you win both illegal and legitimate races, earn loads of money and impress the girls.

The object of Street Racing Syndicate is to buy a nice car and do it up so that it goes fast and looks good. Then you win both illegal and legitimate races, earn loads of money and impress the girls.

I was chosen to review SRS as it's well known in the PC Advisor offices that I spend most Friday evenings cruising through the streets of Southend in a souped-up Ford Escort, showing off my neon strip lights and pumping some mean beats through the bass tube in the boot.

No, of course I don't. I can't think of anything more tedious. I mean, what kind of loathsome toerag wants to draw attention to his inadequacies by letting the world know, in no uncertain terms, just what a sad, shallow, image-obsessed life he leads? Possibly the kind that will enjoy this game.

I've never actually wanted to douse myself in petrol and light a match before, but I came pretty close when I found out about some of the 'bonus' elements of this game. If you manage to impress the girls you encounter in SRS, then they will provide you with videos. Yes, videos of themselves dancing in a supposedly raunchy manner.

They look more embarrassed than anything else, but I didn't watch for long as I was busy banging my head on my desk. SRS has a 15 rating, which probably has more to do with the implied sexual content than the ‘breaking the law' aspects.

All of which is a shame, because the driving experience is very good. The cars get faster every time you upgrade, and there's a wide selection of motors to choose from and you can make all sorts of improvements.

Want to add nitrous canisters to give you an extra burst of speed? But of course. And you can make cosmetic improvements as well so your wheels look the business.

Street Racing Syndicate Expert Verdict »
1GHz Pentium III processor
2GB hard disk space
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

There's some great arcade racing to be had somewhere in this game, but the role-playing aspects of SRS left me feeling sordid, dirty and cheap. I loved it.

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