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Vine app review: Funky 6-second video sharing app


Manufacturer: Vine

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

Vine is a new video sharing social media app from Twitter. Read our Vine app review to find out more.

Vine app review

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly scope for another social media platform, BLAM, in comes Twitter with an uber cool video sharing app. Read our Vine app review to find out more.

Vine has echoes of Twitter running through its DNA and the two are interlinked much like Facebook and Instagram are. It’s a very intuitive app, which is easy to familiarise yourself with, needless to say it’s also very quick and easy to ‘Vine’ also (yes, we’re using Vine as a verb). See all Android app reviews.

So, how does Vine work? Well, there are two main sides to the app. These are making your own videos or watching other people's creations. See all iPhone app reviews.

Making your own video couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is click on the camera icon and then touch and hold the screen to record. You can also change your scenes by letting go of the screen and then pressing it again when you’re ready to start recording again. Vine then stiches your multiple clips together, it really is incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

The second area of Vine is watching other people’s Vines. This is where things get interesting, as Vine is as good or as bad as you make it. After all, Vine only shows you videos from people you follow, so the girl from school who uses social media to prolifically annoy you with pictures of her babies - that look like every other one of your school friends' babies - probably isn’t going to give you a good Vine experience. However, if you use Vine like you would Twitter and follow your favourite sports people and celebrities then Vine becomes pretty good and offers you yet another way to interact with people you admire (or just find humorous).

Vine app review

In terms of usability, Vine really couldn’t be simpler. There are four main tabs on offer, all of which are pretty self-explanatory; these are Feed (the Vines from the people you follow), Activity (fellow Viners that have interacting with you e.g. liked one of your Vines), Explore and Profile. Tip: Explorer is categorized in to things like Sports, Comedy, Music etc. and is particularly good for when you’re bored out of your tree. Warning: There are a lot of buffoons out there.

Example of a Vine: Ricky Ponting batting in the nets by @surreycricket

Vine Expert Verdict »

Available on iOS and Android 4.0 and higher
Size: 18MB
  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

Vine is a great little app that has taken the next step in social media by letting you easily share the moment with video as well as text and images now. The fact that videos are only 6-seconds long is very bittersweet as inevitably when you come across you a Vine you love, it’s impossibly short; on the other side of the coin, when a Vine is utter dross it’s mercifully only 6-seconds long.

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