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Book Review: Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps

£10.99 inc VAT (Currently reduced to £7.69)

Manufacturer: In Easy Steps

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps is a reference book for all users of Photoshop's little brother.

The Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps book, by Nick Vandome, is published by - appropriately - In Easy Steps. It's a well designed and printed book that aims to teach inexperienced users how to get the most out of Photoshop Elements 10, with some success.

If you are considering buying the program, you'd be advised to read this book first. It will explain what Elements can do in simple, everyday language. Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps is very well illustrated with concise instructions. It's a matter of personal taste, but we could have lived without the wide margin which takes up almost a third of every page. This is, in our view, wasted on one or more icons such as 'Hot tip', 'Don't forget' and 'Beware'. This content could all have been included in the text. See also: Adobe Photoshop CS6 review.

Those who are already comfortable with Elements may find Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps of little value. Experienced users could go straight to the section dealing with a particular function they need more information on, perhaps to get an idea of what further functions it can offer, but it is not that comprehensive and won't offer much.

Where Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps comes into its own, however, is in introducing features to inexperienced users. In our case, for instance, we had never considered Reflections or Teeth Whitening. with the assistance of the book, we found it easy to use these features.

Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps is written in plain English, and is easy to follow.

Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps is every inch a reference book. Each feature of Elements has its own page. You're unlikely to read it from cover to cover, although that would be a good way to learn Photoshop, but you will find yourself dipping back in for further tips as you venture in wider areas of Elements.

At £10.99, it’s a good buy, but bear in mind that Elements has an excellent Help section with videos of many of its features, so it may be that you can do without the extra expense of the book.

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Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps Expert Verdict »

Author: Vandome, Nick ISBN: 1840785314 ISBN 13: 9781840785319 Publisher: In Easy Steps Pub Date: Dec 2011 User level: Beginner RRP: £10.99
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

An excellent start point and reference guide for those new to Photosho; Photoshop Elements 10 In Easy Steps will be a good buy at £10.99. But only beginners will find this book useful, and Elements' excellent help section may suffice.

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