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Sanyo PLC-XK2600 review

£450 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Sanyo

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

The Sanyo PLC-XK2600 is an LCD projector designed for use on the move.

The Sanyo PLC-XK2600 is an LCD projector designed for use on the move.

Portability seems to be a subjective term in the world of the projector. The PLC-XK2600 is designed for presentations on the move, although it’s relatively weighty and bulky compared to the NEC NP43, let alone the almost not-there pico projectors that we’ve covered in recent months. 

So while you won’t be wanting to lug the 2.9kg PLC-XK2600 long distances under your arm, it isn’t prohibitively heavy. And it does come with some decent features (and an appetising price tag) that could yet make it worthy of consideration.

Sanyo PLC-XK2600: Design and features

The Sanyo PLC-XK2600 is pleasant to look at, if not outrageously attractive. The white casing combined with black underbelly makes for a slightly dated look. It won’t look out of place in a boardroom. 

The connections are fairly standard. There’s no provision for digital connectors, but you do get a pair of analogue VGA. Many of the remaining ports consist of the usual smattering of audio and video connectors, but there is one surprise - wired LAN. The projector can be attached to a network, allowing you to use the ethernet connection to monitor and maintain the Sanyo PLC-XK2600 - for example, having the projector warn you by email when lamp life is running short. 

The projector comes with a number of features to speed up the setup process, including auto input signal search and auto keystone. It lacks the useful auto-focus of the NEC NP43, however. 

The remote control is cuter than those typically offered with business models, and works effectively. The menu settings go into some depth, although they don’t always deliver quite as much as they promise. Presets are a little too similar, although you do have a number of options for altering the image. RGB settings can be adjusted, while a number of tools (Fine Sync, for instance) let you fine-tune the PC connection.

Sanyo PLC-XK2600: Performance

The Sanyo comes with a strong brightness rating of 2600 ANSI lumens (a larger model, the PLC-XK3010, boosts this to 3000), and this allows it to project adequately even in relatively light rooms. 

The Sanyo PLC-XK2600's image quality isn’t outstanding, though. It can work up to its native HD resolution of 1280x800, although we felt that it was better with some applications when driven at lower resolutions. 

The image was generally a little fuzzy, and the focus wasn’t entirely even. Colours were decent, though, and while LCD technology isn’t always great at showing colour depth, the Sanyo’s contrast ratio of 2000:1 gave a good effect. You wouldn’t want to use this as a heavy-duty video projector, but it’s fine for showing the odd film.

The Sanyo has good lamp life, and its 215W lamp is rated for almost 6,000 hours provided the projector is kept in eco mode. It’s also nice to see it equipped with a long-life air filter to help shield the projector from floating dust. It’s not the most discreet of projectors, though; in the quieter eco mode it carries a noise rating of 29dB.

Sanyo PLC-XK2600 Expert Verdict »

LCD technology
1280x800 native resolution
brightness 2600 ANSI lumens
2000:1 contrast ratio
34dB/29dB noise (Normal/Economic modes)
1 x VGA D-Sub
max power consumption 271W
lamp life 215W (up to 6,000 hours) 334x101x247mm
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

The Sanyo PLC-XK2600 is a decent general-purpose projector. It doesn’t have any killer features and doesn’t excel in any single area. Nor is it especially portable. Nonetheless, the £450 price tag is modest, and if you want an all-rounder with sufficient brightness to let it work in light rooms, the PLC-XK2600 is a safe buy.

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