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Logitech Z 313 review

£35 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Logitech

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

The Logitech Z 313 is an entry level 2.1 speaker system for your PC. As always, Logitech brings room-filling sound and deeper bass for your PC entertainment.

The Logitech Z 313 is an entry level 2.1 speaker system for your PC. As always, Logitech brings room-filling sound and deeper bass for your PC entertainment.

Logitech Z 313: Features and Design

We didn't expect truck load of features from this budget speaker, but the Logitech Z 313 has just got it right for a basic entry level speaker. The total system output is rated at 25watts (RMS) and the system frequency response ranges from 48Hz to 20KHz which is good enough for small size room or office use. Just don’t expect earth-thumping sound out of this system.

The Logitech Z 313’s satellites are compact in size that won’t occupy much space on your desktop. They are slightly angled upwards to direct the music towards listeners while they are placed on the table. This time unlike the more expensive Z323, the satellites have matte plastic finish which don't attract finger-prints.

The Logitech Z 313's plastic matte body with round-edges looks good, the chrome-ring around the speaker grille enhances its aesthetics especially with the black body. Below the driver is the bass port for smooth sound extension. The satellites have good build quality and they are connected to the subwoofer by a fixed cable which is inconvenient and unthoughtful as replacing the cable or wiring the cable during placement can become an issue. There are no control buttons on the satellites and they are not wall-mountable. Fortunately, there is a wired remote control for volume and power switch. There is no bass or treble control but the pod has headphones-out port.

The wooden subwoofer is just over the size of toaster which can easily be tucked away under the table. It has a 4-inch down-firing driver and a front bass extension-port which made placement less critical. The back of the Logitech Z 313's sub has line-in port for satellites cable, while the line-in cable is attached to remote pod. Setting up the speaker is very easy as all we have to do is connect the cable from the satellites at the back of the sub, hook up the AC power cable from the sub to the power outlet and switch it on. No hassles.

Logitech Z 313: Sound Quality

Tested in the PCWorld.in Labs

It’s been a long time since we last heard a good sounding entry level speaker and we expected the Logitech Z 313 to bring a smile back to budget audio system. So, let's unpack this compact, hook them up and crank up the volume.

We tried and tested with various sources-desktop PC with M-Audio USB Audio Interface, Acer Aspire One netbook and Apple iPod touch. In terms of loudness, the Logitech Z 313 is ideal for small size room or office use. Distortion level is not too high as we could crank up the volume till 90 percent of its maximum. The Z 313 has a warm sound signature with the mid range being more prominent than the rest of the frequencies. Unlike most Altec Lansing and Creative Speakers in this price range, the Z 313 lacks bright highs, instead, the overall sound from bass to highs sounded muffled and lack transparency. Even the mids sounded a bit blurred and muffled but it is the weak highs with lack of definition and extension that made the overall sound a bit laid back.

The Logitech Z 313's subwoofer reproduced our 40Hz audio test sample with ease; at moderate volume, the bass sounds quite punchy and warm but not that articulate. However, for a budget system, the bass is above average and better than say the, Altec Lansing BXR 1221 but is much warmer and punchier than what we heard from the Creative Inspire T3130.

There are many places for improvement but judging from its price , the  warm, laid-back and mid-oriented sound signature is what the Logitech Z 313 is all about. Its closest competitor would be the Creative Inspire T3130 which has more open and brighter sound but it has weaker bass than the Logitech Z 313. The Logitech has more balanced sound than the Creative Inspire 3130.

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Logitech Z313 Expert Verdict »

Logitech Z313 reviews verified by Reevoo

Logitech Z313Scores 9.0 out of 10 based on 49 reviews
2.1-channel PC multimedia speaker system
Right/left channel speaker: 81x89x146mm Subwoofer: 220x150x228mm
2 speakers, subwoofer
Speaker Type: Active
Nominal Output Power (Total): 25 Watt
Max (RMS) Output Power (Total): 50 Watt
Response Bandwidth: 48-20000Hz
Audio Amplifier: Integrated
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Controls: Volume
Speaker System Details
Speakers Included: 2 x right/left channel
speaker - wired 1 x subwoofer - wired
Remote Control
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

The Logitech Z 313 is an average set of 2.1 speakers that will serve you well for casual listening but if you're looking for quality sound, you need to look elsewhere. This budget speaker from Logitech offers average sound that is slightly warm and laid back. It lacks fine details across different frequency range, especially highs. It may serve you well for casual listening but not for discerned listeners.

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