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Pantone Huey PRO review

£105 inc VAT

Manufacturer: X-Rite

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

Calibrate your monitor with the Pantone Huey PRO from X-Rite.

Huey is a well-respected colour calibration tool – and the Pro version gives you advanced colour correction and control over your screen. Branded with the prestigious Pantone label (now owned by X-Rite), it's a hardware and software combo for detecting and setting a display's optimum colour profile.

Like most colour calibration tools, the HueyPRO does this by first measuring the colour fidelity of the display. Simply plug the HueyPRO into a USB port and run the bundled software. The program lets you choose CRT or LED display types, set the black point for your monitor, then it runs through a series of colour swatches, measuring the output.

A colour profile is built up that accurately calibrates the monitor so that what you see on screen is as close as possible to what you'd get from a print out. You can further tweak the gamma settings for your monitor before committing to the colour profile and activating it.

The HueyPRO itself is surprisingly small – about the size of a pen – and very light. It has tiny suckers that ensure it grips the screen during the initial calibration process. A good idea, as we've had problems with other calibrators falling off halfway way through. Soft, felt pads minimise the actual contact with your screen, which is a definite consideration with LED displays.

When you've finished calibration, the HueyPRO sits in a cradle next to your machine, quietly measuring ambient light as you work. You can turn on Room Lighting Compensation mode, if you wish. The device will imperceptibly adjust the colour profile so your screen has constant fidelity to true colour.

Overall, the HueyPRO did exactly what was expected of it – building an accurate colour profile for the two monitors we tested. Multiple monitor calibration is a feature that's missing from the non-Pro version of the hardware, by the way. And, when the monitor needs to be tuned up again, a reminder can be configured to pop up.

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HueyPRO Expert Verdict »

Display colour calibration kit - CRT and LCD Monitors
requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
32- or 64-bit modes
Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
USB port
  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

If you use your Mac for photography, video or colour printing, you’ll be surprised at the difference decent calibration can make. The HueyPRO is a superb and easy-to-use tool for the job. Our only complaint is that it felt a little flimsy.

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