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Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod review

£59 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Xitel

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

The Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod is an iPod dock with all-inclusive packaging, and audio processing to boot.

The Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod is an iPod dock with all-inclusive packaging, and audio processing to boot.

The Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod package includes the dock, remote control, battery, mains adaptor, RCA audio cable, component and composite video cables, USB cable, and dock inserts; when you get the movieCENTER home, you probably won't need to run back to the shops for that one essential cable.

You can tell from those bundled cables that the Xitel offers audio, video, and slideshow output (with compatible iPods).

The movieCENTER v2 comes in black only, making for a cool 2001-monolith look when paired with an iPod Touch or other black iPod, not so good for those who have a 'non-black' iPod and like everything to match.

All dock connections are at the back, with only a small red light pointing towards the user. If connected to a wall socket, the dock will function in standalone mode, charging the iPod and providing audio/video output; if it's connected to a computer, the dock's powered by that instead.

The remote features volume and playback controls, but it also has two dedicated buttons for playlist navigation, and three that control the Xitel's 'home-theater processing'.

This processing is claimed to enhance iTunes music and movie audio using 'psycho-acoustic frequency processing', and 'phase decoded speaker virtualization'. The manual recommends that the iPod's equaliser should be off, as should any other processing you may have on your TV or sound system, so we began with these things off, and played some music first, pausing only to regret that the Xitel doesn't output album artwork via video out.

The processing does make a difference; presence and bass are increased, and it's useful to be able to adjust the bass levels as required - more useful for movies, as you can't apply the iPod equalizer to them.

It gives a more in-your-face sound; whether it reveals more 'detail' as claimed is subjective.

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Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod Expert Verdict »

remote control
remote batteries
power adapter
RCA audio cable
Apple iPod Universal Dock for compatibility with present and future generation iPods. movieCENTER for iPod is made for iPod with video, iPod nano (3rd gen), iPod classic and iPod touch, supports iPod nano (1st and 2nd gen) using the Apple Dock Adapter clip
component video cable
composite video cable
USB cable
user manual
dock inserts
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

The Xitel movieCENTER v2 for iPod is recommended, as long as it doesn't duplicate functions you have elsewhere in your hardware. Playlist browsing via remote control is a hit, as is the inclusion of all necessary cables, and the audio processing has a positive effect on most material.

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