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iLuv iMM173 review

£99 inc VAT

Manufacturer: iLuv

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

The iLuv iMM173 is a dual-charging iPod and iPhone speaker set and alarm clock that looks great, has an impressive LED clock display and a magnetic remote control.

The iLuv iMM173 is a dual-charging iPod and iPhone speaker set and alarm clock that looks great, has an impressive LED clock display and a magnetic remote control.

You know you're in for a treat as you unpack the iLuv IMM173. This unit has delicious looks with the shiny black plastic moulding being complemented by brushed silver Volume and Search controls.

Dual iPod docks behind the iLuv iMM173's buttons catch the attention right away. Both will produce a charge for your device but the righthand one is specifically aimed at the iPhone. A Select switch allows switching between docks for audio playback.

A collection of rather of flimsy plastic dock adaptors makes the iLuv iMM173 compatible with iPod 4G, 5G, classic, mini, nano, touch, iPhone, and iPhone 3G models.

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The iLuv iMM173 boasts a contrast-rich dimmable LED clock face, further complemented by no less than 10 brightness settings. There's a decent FM-only radio plus alarm settings and eight presets.

Alarm functionality, meanwhile, is pretty unsophisticated with little in the way of customisable settings, but the iLuv iMM173 does have a handy switch for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time.

Sound quality is decent with the iLuv iMM173, although the dual speaker combination won't blow the roof off and you notice the lack of audio oomph when playing back tracks from a docked device.

A standout feature is the remote control. The iLuv iMM173 feels grown up, with little rubber buttons that suggest a quality product. A built-in magnet allows the remote to be stored on the unit. Great thinking.


iLuv iMM173 [PC] Expert Verdict »

Advanced user interface with large LCD display
2x 5W speakers with jAura sound technology
treble & bass control
10-step dimmer control
magnetic remote control
compatible with iPhone and iPod nano 4th gen, touch 2nd gen and classic 120GB
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

We love the styling and build quality on offer here, and the iLuv IMM173 scores highly when it comes to value for money. It’s a shame audio performance tends to let this lovable little unit down. But if you’re looking for a durable alarm clock and don’t expect audio perfection when you wake up, this model is hard to resist.

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