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Book review: The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition

£9 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Peachpit

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition is a book by Christopher Breen aimed at offering first-time iPhone users 'the quickest way to learn iPhone 4S features'.

The iPhone Pocket Guide runs to 323 pages, is published by Peachpit Press, and retails for £9.99.

The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition provides practical advice and real-world guidance on how to use the latest iPhone and Apple iPod touch - and it goes about its business very well.

Well, we've all been there, a freshly purchased piece of tech in our hands, the excitement has been there for months and, before you know it, you're stuck. I was the same when I purchased the iPhone 3GS and, like most stubborn men, I didn't bother reading the manual or any guides that were available. To my horror I missed out on some of the best features of the iPhone 3GS and was determined not to let it happen with the iPhone 4S.

At first glance, The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition is slightly bigger than the average pocket but that's one of the few criticisms you could level at the book. The book's overall look and feel is very clean and uncluttered, with a simple layout and a font size that doesn't need a magnifier to read it.

The book takes you literally from the opening of the box - including even what you get in the box and what the accessories do - through to downloading apps, setting up the phone, iTunes and even setting up certain apps in a logical fashion. Each section is broken down and detailed and straight to the point. The content is good for the beginner and intermediate users will find the tips within very useful. For example, something as simple as double-tapping the home button, and showing you how to delete the background apps: simple things I didn't know how to do until I read the book (and I've had a 4S for four months).

The book uses a very informal, friendly approach which is useful for complete beginners however. More seasoned users of the iPhone may find it slightly annoying, after a while, however.

The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition doubles up as an iPod touch guide, breaking things down for both products in a fashion that is clear and not confusing at all. A pocket guide faces a tough task being compact as the name suggests but also including all the information you could possibly want and this book does just about that in a clear and concise and detailed manner.

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Book review: The iPhone Pocket Guide 6th Edition Expert Verdict »

Author: Breen, Christopher ISBN: 0321814118 ISBN 13: 9780321814111 Published by: Peachpit Press Date Published: Dec 2011 User level: Beginner/Intermediate Number of pages: 323
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

My only real criticism would be that the book is just slightly bigger than pocket sized. The tone of the book is perfect for beginners but its informal tone did start to get a little bit annoying and I feel the images all though a great size could of done with being in colour to make them stand out and easier on the eye. All in all a good read, perfect for the beginner and slightly more experienced users.

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