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Apple iPhone 3G review

From free, depending on O2 contract

Manufacturer: Apple

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

Those who waited for the 3G second edition of the iPhone will appreciate dramatically faster cellular data access and an impressive software update including a raft of third-party programs. UPDATED: July 28 2008.

Those who waited for the 3G second edition of the iPhone will appreciate dramatically faster cellular data access and an impressive software update including a raft of third-party programs.

iPhone peripherals and the 3G iPhone

If you buy an iPhone 3G to replace a first-generation iPhone, you'll probably want to bequeath your cases and dock to your old iPhone's new owner and prepare to invest in new accessories.

It's always hard to judge a brand-new product when it comes to issues of durability, since we only have a few days to test the product and it's very hard to short-circuit the test of time. However, our colleagues at PC Advisor's US sister title PC World chose to sacrifice an iPhone 3G in order to see how rugged the product was.

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Although PC World's iPhone 3G did end up completely shattered, the editors who tortured it were mightily impressed with its durability. The iPhone 3G survived several simulated trips through a pocket full of keys and other sharp objects, withstood being dunked in a bowl of cereal and milk, and even kept on working through a few drops on concrete from 5ft up.

The iPhone 3G's glass screen cracked beyond repair on the fifth drop. The moral of this story: the iPhone 3G is pretty tough, but don't use it to play a game of catch in a car park.

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  2. Apple iPhone 3G hardware
  3. iPhone peripherals and the 3G iPhone
  4. Apple iPhone 3G software
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  6. Where am I? iPhone GPS
  7. Loud and clear
  8. Strange lapses
  9. 3G iPhone power and battery
  10. The price

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If you've been cautious and waited a year for the second generation of iPhone, your patience will be rewarded. The iPhone 3G improves on the original iPhone's audio quality, offers access to a faster data network, and sports built-in GPS functionality. You'll also be getting in on the ground floor of the exciting new world of third-party software written for the iPhone. And business users will appreciate the iPhone's new Exchange syncing features. If you're an existing iPhone user, the fact that your current phone will be able to take advantage of all the iPhone 2.0 software features, including Exchange syncing and third-party applications, blunts some of the excitement of this upgrade. If you live in an area with a 3G network and find yourself chafing at the comparatively slow speeds of the EDGE network all the time, it's probably worth the upgrade. But if you don't mind the internet experience on your current phone, you'd be better off installing the 2.0 software update and holding on to your existing device.

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