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Pendle Laptop Stand review

£42 (regular), £48 (large) inc VAT

Manufacturer: Pendle Engineering

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

The ergonomic and cooling benefits of laptop stands are well documented. The Pendle Laptop Stand certainly reduces the aches and pains associated with looking down on a portable.

The ergonomic and cooling benefits of laptop stands are well documented. The Pendle Laptop Stand certainly reduces the aches and pains associated with looking down on a portable.

If you spend any length of time working on a laptop, you should consider using a laptop stand. The ergonomic and cooling benefits are well documented and, from our experience, the Pendle Laptop Stand has certainly reduced the aches and pains associated with looking down on a portable.

Lancashire-based Pendle Products has introduced a selection of ergonomic laptop stands. Available in a choice of regular and large, and in black or white, they can be used with or without an external monitor.

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The 325x225mm Pendle Laptop Stand Regular is suitable for sub-15in laptops, while the 390x265mm Large stand is compatible with bigger machines. Weighing in at 2.25kg and 3kg respectively, these stands are likely to weigh as much as your laptop itself. But while they're hardly portable, the extra weight does ensure a solid base for your laptop on your desktop.

Laser-cut and powder-coated, the metal Pendle Laptop Stand is extremely durable - it's sturdy enough, we suspect, to last the lifetime of several laptops. The simple design includes large circular holes on the side panels to tidy cables and bring order to your desktop. There's also space under the stand to store an external hard drive or modem for instance, which is pleasing since the stand can seem rather bulky on a small desk.

We tested the Pendle Laptop Stand with a Bluetooth keyboard and numeric pad, positioning our laptop to the right of the desk. The setup worked well, with our laptop raised to just the right level for comfortable viewing and productive work. This level may not be to all tastes, but Pendle claims that the height and angle is the result of rigorous testing and several prototypes.

The Pendle Laptop Stand comes with rubber feet to hold it to the desktop and prevent scratching, while plastic spheres prevent your laptop from slipping off the top. The stands are designed, manufactured and distributed in the UK.

Pendle Laptop Stand Expert Verdict »

Metal, powder-coated laptop stand
available in black or white
325x225mm, 2.25kg Regular stand fits laptops with screens up to 15in
390x265mm, 3kg Large stand fits laptops with screens larger than 15in
  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

If your laptop rarely leaves your desktop, or you have a regular office or work space, then the Pendle Laptop Stand is worth serious consideration. While it's no substitute for taking regular breaks, our tests showed increased productivity.

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