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Viliv S5 Premium review

£629 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Viliv

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

The Viliv S5 Premium UMPC is speedy and well connected, but disappointing 3G support and an awkward software keyboard make it less than ideal for everyday use.

The Viliv S5 Premium UMPC is speedy and well connected, but disappointing 3G support and an awkward software keyboard make it less than ideal for everyday use.

Viliv S5 Premium: Keyboard Concerns

But the keyboard workaround is less successful. The Viliv S5 Premium displays an on-screen software keyboard. To access it you press a hardware button on the right side of the bezel; that summons an icon at the lower right of the screen, which in turn toggles a translucent software qwerty keyboard that stretches across the entire width and halfway up the height of the display.

While that makes for large keys (supported by haptics feedback), the keyboard also often winds up on top of the field or line that you're typing. The Viliv S5 Premium doesn't resize the screen's contents to accommodate the keyboard; instead, the keyboard simply covers the lower half of what's on the screen.

Being able to (sort of) see through the keys helps, but sometimes the clutter prevents a clear view. (Alternatively, you can supply your own USB keyboard and connect it to the Viliv S5 Premium's USB port.)

As a result, we found ourselves frequently tapping the keyboard's "hide" key, which makes the keyboard go away but leaves the software toggle intact, so that we could see what we'd typed or move between fields. The Viliv S5 Premium's keyboard does not automatically appear when you're in an empty text box, and there's no predictive text entry to help you along.

This setup is not a great way to work, and it's the Viliv S5 Premium's biggest drawback. Even the iPhone, with its smaller screen, does a better job of ensuring that you see what you're working on and of allowing you to move through a series of text fields.

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Viliv S5 Premium: Proprietary Software

Viliv bundles proprietary software intended to give Windows and its utilities more user-friendly faces. Most notable of these is the CubeUI, a desktop alternative with sides consisting of three-by-three grids of round application icons (think T-Mobile Faves) in different categories: Entertainment, Internet, LBS (location-based services) and navigation, Productivity (a trial version of Microsoft Office is included), and My Group, which you can customise.

We were happier viewing the traditional XP desktop, mostly because we're familiar with it.

The same goes for the proprietary audio and video players: we found the unlabeled controls rather unintuitive, and we wound up using Windows Media Player. But music streaming from our Rhapsody library (using browser and Wi-Fi) sounded pretty darn good through the on-board speakers. The earbud headset bundled with the device also produced decent sound, although not as good as you'd get from a quality third-party headset. Fortunately, if you have your own headset, you can use it through the standard jack.

The Viliv S5 Premium also lives up to its portable media player moniker with the Hulu and YouTube videos we streamed through Internet Explorer over Wi-Fi; aside from some dropped frames (probably due to an overcrowded Wi-Fi channel), they looked great. We particularly liked the fact that media playback did not seem to overly heat up the snap-in battery, which makes up the rear case.

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  1. Viliv S5 Premium: Design
  2. Viliv S5 Premium: Keyboard Concerns
  3. Viliv S5 Premium: Wireless Woes
  4. Viliv S5 Premium: Expert Verdict, Specifications and Images

Viliv S5 Premium Expert Verdict »

Intel Atom Silverthorne 1.33GHz (Z520)
4.8in WSVGA (1024 x 600) Touch Screen LCD
GPS (Global Positioning System): Sirf Star 3(Maps not included)
viliv CUBE interface
Windows XP Home Edition
DDRII 1GB onboard RAM
viliv Vitual Haptic Keyboard
Built-in WiFi IEEE802.11b/g
Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR
6200mA Lithium Battery
Headphone Jack (3.5mm), USB (both Link & Host), Multi IO
  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

As UMPCs go, the Viliv S5 Premium delivers on many of its promises, although the disappointing 3G performance will deter some people and the software keyboard makes it a poor choice for anyone who frequently wrangles Office documents. For this price, you can get a nice, lightweight netbook or even notebook. We recommend checking out the Viliv S5 Premium only if you absolutely must have a 500g Windows PC that works well with Wi-Fi, and you're not expecting to do a lot of typing. Although as the Viliv S5 Premium becomes more readily available in the UK, you can expect the price to drop.

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