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Ryder Cup 2012 for Android review


Manufacturer: JAG+APPS

Our Rating: We rate this 1.5 out of 5

This Ryder Cup 2012 Android app is a bit of a DIY job, that brings together all the basics of a sports app in a rough and ready fashion. Read our review to find out more.

The Ryder Cup has grown to be the biggest golfing tournament bar none in recent years. And the fact it only happens once every two years, make the three-days of golf very special indeed. So it would only be right for there to be an official app for the event right? See also: Best Android Apps.

Sadly that is not case. There are slick, official apps for the PGA Tour and the European Tour, but as the Ryder Cup is not strictly part of these tours, the event will not be covered by either Android apps. Take a look at Coach's Eye for Android review.

The developers at Jag+Apps obviously saw this as their opportunity to cash-in with a cheap and cheerful app that fills the gap - the only problem is that it exactly that: "cheap". See also World Cricket Championship Lt review.

The design of Ryder Cup 2012 looks very amateur, with a background that doesn't compliment its mishmash of tiles. The icons look like they have been lifted straight from clipart and immediately give the impression that the rest of the app will not be much better…oh and the bottom row of the icons hangs off the bottom of the screen for some reason too.

To give the app some credit, it seems to have covered all the major Ryder Cup bases. The app has sections that introduces you to both teams, shows you the course layout, has individual and overall scores, as well as news tweets, YouTube videos, betting odds and Ryder Cup statistics.

Ryder Cup 2012 for Android review

However, after the brief feeling of optimism the reality really hits home and the slap-dash theme continues. The European and US team icons lead you to a picture and one paragraph biography of each player. To top it all off the design of player profiles look like particularly woeful - even compared to the rest of the app.

Moving on to the Course Layout section and things become laughable, as the app has clearly lifted satellite images of the Ryder Cup venue, The Medinah Country Club, with the DIY addition of yellow lines that go from tee, to fairway, to green for each hole. It’s accurate, but hardly aesthetically pleasing or informative.

The one redeeming feature that the app does have, is the Live Scoring and Latest Overall Score sections. Here you can follow individual matches and see exactly how each group is getting on, as well as checking the all-important overall score of the 2012 Ryder Cup. The reason this section is so good, is because it is taken directly from the mobile site www.rydercup.com.

The Ryder Cup News section is also just an embedded section of the official Ryder Cup website, which automatically makes it one of the better sections of the app. The Twitter segment of the app just collects every "#rydercup" hash tag and displays it, which given the volume of hash tags makes it pretty much useless.

To complete the app, there are Ryder Cup Odds and Ryder Cup Statistics. The former is just a link to an external website and the later is a very basic table that shows you which team has won the most Ryder Cups in the past. Poor.

Ryder Cup 2012 for Android Expert Verdict »

Size: 7.1MB
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
  • Overall: We give this item 3 of 10 overall

The Ryder Cup 2012 for Android is a shoddy app from start to finish. There's not a lot on offer and what is on offer is pinched from legitimate 'official' sources. You'd be far better off bookmarking a link to the Ryder Cup's official website than downloading this app.

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