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World Cricket Championship Lt review


Manufacturer: Nextwave Multimedia Pvt Ltd

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

World Cricket Championship Lt for Android is the closest smartphones or tablets have come to creating a life-like cricket game. Read our review to find out more.

Oddly for such a love it or hate it sport, cricket has managed to have quite a few quality gaming apps created already, and World Cricket Championship Lt is the latest addition to that list. See also Top ten Android apps.

As mentioned above, there have been a couple of excellent cricket apps made already, most notably Stick Cricket. However, the other apps have all been about fast gameplay and have focused primarily on batting rather than bowling. World Cricket Championship Lt is an app that focuses on both batting and bowling…and both are realistic. Visit New Star Soccer for Android review.

World Cricket Championship Lt's batting and bowling are not the only realistic features. The game’s developers have really gone to town on the graphics and audio too. Fans of the Original Brian Lara Cricket we feel very nostalgic playing this game as the graphics and commentary (yes, the app has commentary!) are very similar. See also Best Android Apps.

World Cricket Championship Lt: Gameplay

Batting in World Cricket Championship Lt is about as realistic an experience as you can hope for on modern day smartphones/tablets. And that's because you have a 360º selection of shots, you simply swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want to hit the ball. Not difficult in itself, but the trick is to time your shot well, shot selection is also key; try and swipe a yorker down to fine leg and you'll see your stumps scattered. Visit Stick Tennis for Android review.

World Cricket Championship Lt review World Cricket Championship

Bowling is nice and tricky one too. If you simply chuck pies down there, you'll get punished, the computer has no mercy and it'll put away the bad balls. Similarly if you get you line and length (or flight and guile for spin) right and you'll soon get the dot balls and wickets flowing.

 World Cricket Championship Lt review

Throw-in the task of setting your own field and the fact there is computer controlled fielders and you have a great free app for passing the time.

As this app is the lite version of the game, you are only allowed to play five-over friendlies, which is more than enough to give you a feel for what the game is about. It's the perfect try before you buy app, and if like me, you are a bit of cricket fan you'll be buying the full version soon after playing this, and getting stuck right into the tournament modes.

World Cricket Championship Lt Expert Verdict »

Size: 21MB
Requires: Android 2.0.1 and up
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

World Cricket Championship Lt is an excellent app that will entertain and challenge cricket fans. It's a bit slow between balls, but to be fair to the app, that is a testament to how life-like the game really is.

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