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DSLR Photography Guide app for Android review


Manufacturer: JRG Software

Our Rating: We rate this 1 out of 5

The DSLR Photography Guide app for Android claims to be a photographer's handbook for beginners and experts, offering guidance on a large number of photography subjects.

Our first impressions of DSLR Photography Guide app for Android were not very good. The user interface is rather clunky and looks like something that was designed by a 12-year-old. It also doesn't work very well on a tablet's bigger screen as it's just stretched out to fit. But no matter: the information is the big seller here, and you can't criticise an Android app for being optimised for Android smartphone.

There are a number of categories to choose from in DSLR Photography Guide: Landscape, Portraits, Nature, Cities and Other. In each of those you will find a list of situations or subjects that you might find yourself photographing. Unfortunately these lists seem random and not very well thought out. In fact the lists are hardly complete. With many obvious subjects such as Group Portrait not covered at all.

And then it gets worse. Each subject has been translated from its native language and doesn't always make sense in English. Also many of the 'guides' are just repeats of the same thing with only a change to the heading.

The only useful part we found in DSLR Photography Guide for Android are the charts that give you hints on what camera setting you should be on when shooting each subject. It lists the most popular models, Nikon, Canon, Pentax. If you have a different camera you will need to figure out which setting works with it. Unfortunately the app only mentions Auto and Semi-Auto settings. We were expecting the chart to have some Manual Setting options as well, seeing as it's supposedly for advanced users as well.

There is, however, a problem with this chart. Every situation will have different lighting conditions. Which means that following this chart will not always give you a correct exposure. It also doesn't take into account whether the subject is moving or not, what type of lenses you might be using or even how far you are from your subject.

Another disappointing factor is the lack of any real guidance on how to compose the shot or what to include or leave out of your photograph. Most subjects have a sample image to go along with the chart and short guide. We found these to be less than average photographs that didn't always illustrate what the guide was trying to say.

DSLR Photography Guide Expert Verdict »

  • Overall: We give this item 2 of 10 overall

We were not impressed with DSLR Photography Guide. We hoped it would be a photographer's handy assistant. In reality it's nothing more than some field notes from the publisher. The camera settings chart, which might be useful to some beginners, can only be used as a general guide or a starting point. Potentially of use for absolute for beginnners.

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