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Platinum Tasks (To Do List) for Android review

£3.49 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Platinum Apps

Our Rating: We rate this 3 out of 5

Platinum Tasks (To Do List) is a personal organiser Android app that lets you create to-do reminders as well as multiple event project schedules.

The Platinum Tasks (To Do List) app interface is very slick and intuitive. It's beautifully designed for Android tablet's large screens. You can choose to change the monotone UI using a handful of colours. However, only one colour at a time. We would have liked an option to use multiple colours to co-ordinate different projects, events and tasks.

A question-mark icon on the top right of the screen will show you a help screen which introduces you to what all the icons/features do. This is a nice touch, as you can quickly reference Platinum Tasks (To Do List)'s features at any time.

To get started simply press of the plus button to start inputting all of your day to day tasks. You have an option to categorise your tasks with labels. Personal, Work, Meeting, or you can also create your own category labels as well as change their icons, which is a nice touch, however we'd like to see a greater selection of icons to choose from.

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You can set-up an external task manager/calendar like Google to sync your tasks with. However this seemed to only work for us one way, and even then not all of our google calendar tasks were displayed in the Platinum tasks app.

You have the option to view your tasks in different ways, either all on the main Dashboard or more specific by only today's tasks, Upcoming, Projects, and all finished tasks in Archives. Although these are all useful, it's a shame however, that a weekly calendar view is also not available.

You have the ability to move tasks into different categories after they had been created, by dragging and dropping them into differed categories. This is very useful, and makes it easier to quickly organise your daily tasks or new projects.

A nice feature of the Platinum Tasks (To Do List) app is the ability to create a project folder in which you can have multiple task reminders for specific due dates of the project. You need to create each project event and set its due date one at a time however, which can become a little time consuming.

One feature that the Platinum Tasks (To Do List) app does lack is the ability to email yourself task reminders that are coming up. It's a shame that this isn't possible, as many similar apps have this feature.

You can set an alarm for a task to pop up in a window in the Android taskbar. This seemed to only appear for a second to remind us of an up coming task. We found this too easy to dismiss, which means you might not notice a reminder.

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Platinum Tasks (To Do List) Expert Verdict »

Google Android 3.0 and up
  • Overall: We give this item 6 of 10 overall

Over all Platinum Tasks (To Do List) app is a very clean and simple way to organise your daily events. However there are key features still missing which we hope will be added in future updates.

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