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Greedy Spiders 2 Free review


Manufacturer: Blyts Inc

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

Greedy Spiders 2 is an improvement on the original free turn-based puzzle game. Here's our Greedy Spiders 2 review.

We loved the original Greedy Spiders turn-based puzzle game; the sequel is even better, with new spiders and weapons, a handful of improvements that address our earlier concerns, and 72 brand-new brain-frazzling puzzles. Read our Greedy Spiders 2 review for Android smartphones and Android tablets.

As with the original Greedy Spiders game, the aim in Greedy Spiders 2 is to rescue a succession of bugs that has been trapped in a spider's web. At first you have only a pair of scissors to snip away at strands of the web, and for every snip you make each spider moves a step closer to its dinner. Later in the game, you can freeze a spider for two turns, lay a booby trap that springs them from the web, and insert an electrical node at a cross-section, which prevents them passing, again for two turns. ee also: Best Android Apps.

These new tools are welcome additions, given that the spiders in this sequel are more clever than ever. An eight-legged Aztec enemy can turn into gold every web strand it touches, preventing you from cutting it with your scissors; you'll need to stay one step ahead of this one at all times. Also on the web, desperate to get your bugs into their bellies, are intelligent arachnids who know better than to fall victim to the booby traps you lay in their path. And then there are the standard black spiders, yet another group of predators on which you must keep a keen eye.

All this adds up to an infuriatingly difficult puzzle game, even in its easy mode, which requires a very logical mind to complete. Greedy Spiders 2 is intensely addictive and, once you've played all 72 levels in the free edition (which are split into two chapters called Aztec Bait and Deep Fear), you'll likely have no hesitation in paying the 63p required to unlock the next 72.

Greedy Spiders 2

The full version of Greedy Spiders 2 also removes the ads running along the bottom of the screen, although the addition of pinch-to-zoom and double-tap-zoom functionality means spiders can no longer conceal themselves behind the banners, ready to pop out at the most inopportune moment. Plus, fat fingers won't struggle to remove the smaller web strands.

Some of the puzzles in Greedy Spiders 2 are incredibly difficult and require multiple attempts to complete; indeed, achievements are now awarded for such things as trying the same level 10 times, cutting 150 web strands, freezing 30 spiders, throwing 15 spiders from the web and so on - many more are available in the full version. For each achievement you complete, you're awarded between five and 20 coins, which are used to unlock the revised hint system.

Greedy Spiders 2

In the original game, you could view only one hint every 24 hours, and if you missed it or forgot a step you were out of luck. You can now pay 10 coins to view a hint, which can be watched as many times as you like. If you run out of coins, however, there's no in-game purchasing system to buy more. This is a good thing, since it prevents you from cheating your way through every level that causes you to stop and think for a few minutes (and that's most of them).

If you're truly stuck, you can skip a couple of levels by performing well in a single level. Up to three stars are awarded for your performance in each; a three-star rating unlocks the next three levels, two stars unlock two levels, and a single star makes only the following level available to play. Note that you'll need to win at least 70 stars in Aztec Bait to unlock Deep Fear.

Greedy Spiders 2 played flawlessly on our Sony Xperia P smartphone, with cute and colourful graphics; the game is also supported on Google TV and Android tablets.

Greedy Spiders 2

Greedy Spiders 2 Free Expert Verdict »

Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV
requirements vary with device
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 isn't designed to be a world-beater; it's a budget smartphone that does the modern basics well. So bearing that in mind you have to say the Galaxy Ace 2 is a very good phone, that doesn't come up too short in any area, and one that deserves some serious thought if you're in the market for a cheaper phone.

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