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Bow Man for Android review


Manufacturer: Beer Bar

Our Rating: We rate this 2.5 out of 5

Bow Man is a free archery app for Android devices that will pass the time nicely. It's not going to win any gameplay awards anytime soon but, it's pretty addictive.

Bow Man is possibly the most low-tech game created on any computer that has ever existed…ever. Fruit probably have more more technical development than this game. But as Shakespeare never said, the best things in life are simple, and free for that matter...just like this game. Spooky. See also: Best Android Apps

The game is nice and easy to 'get'. You take turns at firing arrows at each other until someone dies. That's it. Beautiful isn't it? There's no didactic plot written by a thirty-something overweight American who still lives with his parents. You just aim and shoot until one archers dies gracefully without even so much as a whimper. See Stick Cricket for Android review.

Of course, for those who feel the need to challenge themselves Bow Man does offer settings to make things a little bit trickier. You can alter the default salubrious weather to windy, or if you're good really windy, and you can add a wall to shoot over. That's it. Great eh? See also Top ten Android apps.

Before you go away and download the app thinking 'amazeballs, this game is flawless' it's not. There are one or two tiny, almost insignificant, hardly worth mentioning faults. Firstly is that there is no way to pan or zoom out during the game, so for your first shot you're left guessing where exactly your rival is standing. People who are annoyingly positive would describe this as 'more of a challenge', but…you know…being shot at with an arrow first is always a bit of a drag however you dress it up.

Bow Man for Android review 

Secondly is that it comes with a load of baggage. It downloads a third party android app store to your home screen and will periodically notify you about stuff you couldn't care less about, even when you're not playing the game. This will test diehard Bow Man fans loyalty to the game.

Bow Man

Bow Man Expert Verdict »

Size: 808k
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
  • Overall: We give this item 5 of 10 overall

Bow Man is well worth a download if you're looking for a quick and easy game to pass the time. If you're looking for anything deeper than that then you're barking up the wrong tree.

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