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Galaga Legions DX review

800 MS Points (about £9)

Manufacturer: Namco

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

Namco re-refreshes the sublime Galaga Legions with a new version that quite easily tops the original.

Galaga Legions DX is like a John Woo movie, and you're Chow Yun-fat. You're darting around the screen, using dual fire to take out multiple, huge groups of enemies without batting an eye. And you don't need all the choreography. I couldn't say that about the original Galaga Legions -- it was a good game, but a little too demanding.

You could feel awesome playing it, but only after a lot of concentrated play, and even then you probably wouldn't be placing where you wanted to be on the leaderboard. But now, with Galaga Legions DX, the barrier to entry has been lowered just enough to shift you from worrying about where you need to be to delighting about how you're getting there.

DX rethinks its gameplay in a couple of big ways. The first is in the satellites, the little side cannons on your ship. In the original, you were encouraged to place them on arbitrary points on the screen in order to more quickly take down the waves of enemies that come in by striking them at the source.

But now the satellites are fixed to you, and independently aimed with the right stick instead of just planted. They're available in two formations, though: straight-on or slightly angled out from the main ship. By keeping the satellites on you and effectively taking away some of your freedom, you're actually focusing more on your actual ship, because that's the thing you need to keep alive.

Another big change in DX is the stage progression. In the original Galaga Legions, you were given a handful of main stages and were basically left to your own devices -- and with sizable spikes in difficulty between each stage, that's where a lot of people were overwhelmed and ultimately turned off. This time, aside from the new "Championship" mode, you get several areas, each with five levels that have several enemy waves within them.

Galaga Legions DX

At the end of the area, you get a 99-wave "super level" where you just try to rack up as many points as possible in the time limit, and that's assuredly going to be where you make your biggest point gains that will weigh your final tally.

Like Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX also adds a lot of "enemy volume" that lets you quickly and happily blow away a big group that's on your tail. Of course, the original game featured huge swarms of enemies coming at you, but now it's easier to clear them away in Legions DX thanks to the Galaga Bomb enemies. Blowing them up when they're in the range of the larger Mid-Boss enemies will waste the entire swarm they belong to. And to help deal with the onslaught, Legions DX also employs a dramatic slowdown effect, like in Pac-Man, when a bad guy gets a little too close.

Galaga Legions DX

What all this adds up to is a much smoother playthrough experience and faster learning of the finer points. Most times, as long as you keep an eye of the enemy spawn points on the screen and move out of the way before getting hit, you can survive without dying (or at least not getting a Game Over).

If you were disenfranchised by the first Galaga Legions, definitely give DX a try. What was once a questionable reboot of Galaga is now one of the franchise's best instalments. And if you liked it before, you're sure to love it now.

Galaga Legions DX Expert Verdict »

Download only Game Rating: E (Everyone)
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

If you were disenfranchised by the first Galaga Legions, definitely give DX a try. What was once a questionable reboot of Galaga is now one of the franchise's best instalments. And if you liked it before, you're sure to love it now.

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