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Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad review


Manufacturer: Conniption Entertainment

Our Rating: We rate this 2 out of 5

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad is a simple arcade third-person shooter game. But the 'HD' aspect fails to add much, and the game can become repetitive.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD is a third-person shooter game for the Apple iPad.

Everywhere you turn these days, you run into the undead. No longer relegated to being the monsters under your bed or haunting your nightmares, you can now see zombies in movies, television shows, and of course, games. Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad from Conniption Systems cuts to the heart of our fascination with the walking dead: our fear of shambling, unstoppable hordes coming at you in overwhelming numbers.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad has plenty of shambling hordes, but more importantly, lots and lots of guns.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad is a simple arcade third-person shooter game. Despite the gameplay being in HD and on the iPad, the 'HD' aspect fails to add anything unique and interesting to the third-person shooter genre and can become repetitive very fast.

Each level of Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad plays pretty similarly: you take the control of a stationary, small, gun-toting man at the bottom of the iPad screen. You see your avatar from above but can't manipulate him to move other than his aiming.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad

Zombies of different speeds and different strengths come at your avatar from the front, from the left, from the right, but not from behind. If you tap at zombies, your avatar's gun goes off and the zombies get shot. The more zombies you kill in a level, the more money you collect to purchase and unlock better, more powerful weapons to kill more zombies in another level.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad offers three difficulty settings that you can choose to play each level in. Essentially, each setting indicates the speed at which the zombies will attack your avatar in a level. Though the normal setting offers its challenges, it doesn't allow you to progress very far in the game. In fact, the normal setting pace makes it hard to collect enough money to purchase better weapons quickly or for you to unlock some of the game's better features.

Essentially, the faster the setting you play, the easier it becomes for you to collect money and to unlock game features.

You may need to spend some time at the normal setting getting a handle of Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad before being able to progress to a higher setting. Even if you master lower difficulty levels, there isn't much to look forward to in the higher difficulty levels. The zombies just come at your avatar faster and you have to tap faster to kill them. The levels aren't more detailed, the zombies aren't more complex, and though you may get better weapons, you just end up killing zombies a little easier than before. There is nothing new or intriguing at the advanced levels.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad

There are also a lot of technical problems with Zombie Invasion 2 HD. During the course of my review, the game froze twice and I was forced to quit the app. According to the game's instructions, in some levels, after killing certain zombies, regenerative health packs are supposed to appear to help your avatar regenerate. Unfortunately, during the course of my review, the health packs never appeared.

Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad

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Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad Expert Verdict »

Game for Apple iPad
  • Overall: We give this item 4 of 10 overall

While we're happy that Zombie Invasion 2 HD portrays zombies in a classic 'menacing' setting, the game gets repetitive fast, crashes often, and offers little in terms of enjoyment value. Watch a classic George Romero zombie flick if you feel the need to see more zombies in your media - just don't bother with Zombie Invasion 2 HD for iPad.

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