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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video comparison review: What's the best streaming service?


Manufacturer: Netflix

The two big players in the media streaming market are Netflix and Amazon's Prime Instant Video (formally LoveFilm). If you're struggling to decide which one to choose then here is our Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video review.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video

Video streaming is a part of daily life now but are you trying to decide between Netflix and Amazon services? Here's our Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video review.

Before we continue, it's worth pointing out that Amazon Prime Instant Video used to be called LoveFilm Instant. Amazon LoveFilm still lives on as the DVDs and Blu-rays by post part of Amazon Prime. However, this article is about streaming so we're looking at Prime Instant Video only. See also: What is Amazon Prime Instant Video? What happened to LoveFilm?

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video: Price

There are a few free streaming services around but you'll have to pay for the privilege of both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Each offers a 30-day trial so we strongly suggest utilising these as a way of seeing which one you prefer. If your pockets are deep enough you can, of course, sign up to both.

When it was called LoveFilm, Amazon's service was once cheaper than Netflix but now they are both £5.99 per month. Anyone paying £79 per year for Amazon Prime get Amazon Prime Instant Video included at no extra cost.

Netflix has confirmed that it is rising its price in the UK to £6.99 per month for new members. At the time of writing, this has come into effect so we suggest getting signed up as existing Netflix users will get the price locked at £5.99 for the next two years.

A key difference is that everything you see on Netflix is available to stream. However, only Prime Instant Video content with a 'Prime' banner in included. Other content is available to buy or rent. We'll explore this in more detail in the content section.

Winner: Draw

Amazon Prime Instant Video devices

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video: Devices

To access streaming services, you're going to need a compatible internet connected device to do it on. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video can be accessed on a range of different devices such as Smart TVs, consoles, smartphones, tablets and dedicated media streamers.

We've put a table together below to show you the compatibility of each service (support may be limited to certain models, especially for TVs and Blu-ray players). Aside from the device listed below, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video can be used via a web browser on a PC or laptop, whether or not they are connected to an external display like a monitor or TV.



Amazon Prime Instant Video

Smart TV

Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic

Sony, Samsung, LG

Games Console

Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U

Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U


Android, iPad

iPad, Kindle Fire


Android, iPhone, Windows Phone


Blu-ray player

Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic

Sony, Samsung, LG

Home cinema system



Set-top box



Media streamer

Apple TV, Philips, Roku, Western Digital, Virgin Media, Google Chromecast


As you can see from the table, Netflix has a superior amount of support for devices. The additional support on TVs and those affordable media streamers puts it out in front.

Winner: Netflix

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video: Movies and TV shows content

Price and device compatibility is all well and good, but they mean nothing if there isn't anything good to watch. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video offer films and TV shows, plus exclusive content which you won't find on rival services.

The content on Netflix is ever changing with new titles being added but also things being taken away too. What we can say, is that the content is good quality across the board but you will have to wait a little while before new releases are added.

Amazon Prime Instant Video content

Amazon touts 50,000 titles in its store but only 15,000 'films and tv episodes' (note that invidual episodes are being counted) are available for the monthly subscription. See below for comparative figures.

Content such as Game of Thrones, Hunger Games Catching Fire and Boardwalk Empire require you to buy or rent them. Essentially newer content isn't accessible for your monthly fee.




Film titles



TV titles



Statistics via Amazon Prime Instant Video and InstantWatcher (04/06/14).

Those figures show you just how much content there is available on each streaming service, and remember they are always changing – content is both added and removed just like BBC's iPlayer.

As you can see, Netflix has a lot of content on offer and although Amazon offers pay per view, we're comparing what's included for your monthly fee here so Netflix comes out on top.

Winner: Netflix

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Netflix video streaming service Expert Verdict »

video on demand streaming service for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad

Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video both cost £5.99 per month so there's no difference here. However, with more supported devices and a better range of content, Netflix is our winner for best streaming service.

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