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Chillblast Fusion Goliath review

£1,000 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Chillblast

Our Rating: We rate this 4.5 out of 5

From the outside, Chillblast’s Fusion Goliath looks much the same as any other sub-£1,000 PC. Inside, however, we find USB 3.0 and super-fast SATA 6GBps technologies.

From the outside, Chillblast's Fusion Goliath looks much the same as any other sub-£1,000 PC. Inside, however, we find USB 3.0 and super-fast SATA 6GBps technologies.

From the outside, Chillblast's Fusion Goliath looks much the same as any other sub-£1,000 PC. Inside, however, we find some new technologies making their first appearances in our chart, thanks to the Asus P7P55D-E motherboard.

Don't be fooled by Asus and its similar-sounding motherboard names: the Chillblast Fusion Goliath's P7P55D-E is an entirely different beast to the P7P55D LE found in the Arbico. Most important among these differences is the inclusion of the new USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB per second (GBps) standards, which promise vastly improved data-transfer rates from both internal and external hard drives.

Of course, the full effect of these improvements won't come into play until you plug in a compatible drive. For example, the Chillblast Fusion Goliath's terabyte (1TB) Samsung SpinPoint F3 internal drive may be quick, but it's of the older 3GBps variety. The USB 3.0 interface, on the other hand, offers significant speed boosts with products already on the market - such as Buffalo's DriveStation HD-HXU3.

The Chillblast Fusion Goliath's other specs include a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 860 processor and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. This tried-and-tested high-performance configuration delivers excellent value for money.

The Chillblast Fusion Goliath achieved a creditable 140 points in WorldBench 6, and scored highly in our gaming tests thanks to its Radeon HD 5850. And, while the dual-core Hercules edged ahead in Fear and Crysis, it lacks the Chillblast's multiprocessing power.

The Chillblast Fusion Goliath is housed in a sleek Xigmatek Asgard case, and sold with a 23in full-HD monitor. You also get a pair of stereo speakers, providing all you need for an immersive multimedia experience.

Chart ranking: Power desktop PCs (issue 178)

  1. Chillblast Fusion Goliath
  2. CyberPower Infinity Hercules XT
  3. Eclipse Evolution i792R585
  4. Arbico i7 HD8650 Pro
  5. Mesh Ice7 860 DX Fire

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Chillblast Fusion Goliath Expert Verdict »

2.8GHz Intel Core i7 860
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (choose Windows 7 32bit at no extra cost)
Asus P7P55D-E motherboard
10 x USB 2.0
700W EZCool PSU
23in Digimate G2220HD (0.27mm pixel pitch
1GB PCI Express Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 (games scores: Crysis [High/Very High] = 73/35fps
Fear = 296fps)
onboard HD Audio 7.1
2 x Chillblast speakers and subwoofer
max DVD speeds: 24x/24x/12x/16x/6x/8x/12x/16x (DVD-R/+R/-R DL/+R DL/-RW/+RW/-RAM/-ROM)
two-year collect-and-return warranty
WorldBench 6 score: 140
  • Overall: We give this item 9 of 10 overall

Chillblast's Fusion Goliath offers some exciting new technologies, but it doesn't neglect other components to do so. With powerful DirectX 11.0 graphics, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBps, an Intel Core i7 processor, a full-HD monitor and stereo speakers, this PC comes highly recommended.

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