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Eclipse Matrix A62R567 review

£499 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Eclipse Computers

Our Rating: We rate this 3.5 out of 5

With fast DDR3 RAM and double the graphics memory of any other system here, the AMD-powered Eclipse Matrix A62R567 offers plenty of speed.

With fast DDR3 RAM and double the graphics memory of any other system here, the AMD-powered Eclipse Matrix A62R567 offers plenty of speed.

Similar in many ways to our Best Buy CyberPower, the Eclipse Matrix A62R567 employs AMD's 2.6GHz quad-core Athlon II X4 620. It actually scored a few points higher than the CyberPower in our WorldBench 6 speed test, with a tally of 104. This is probably due to its use of fast DDR3 memory.

The Eclipse Matrix A62R567's HD 5670 graphics card is a popular choice in this category, with DirectX 11.0 support ensuring full compatibility with the latest games titles. The card seen here is supplied with 1GB of video memory, which is double that of any other in the chart.

At a price point where achieving a decent framerate takes priority over effects, however, you can still get better results with an older card such as the HD 4770 or HD 4850. The Eclipse Matrix A62R567 failed to complete our most demanding Crysis test.

At 18.5in, the Hanns-G monitor supplied with the Eclipse Matrix A62R567 is the smallest of the group and offers the lowest screen resolution of 1366x768. It's a reasonably good-looking display, but the system case is plain.

The Biostar TA770E3 motherboard only just fits inside the Eclipse Matrix A62R567's case but plenty of expansion slots are available for add-in cards and memory upgrades.

Chart ranking: Budget PCs (issue 178)

  1. CyberPower Ultra Athenna Elite
  2. Arbico Phenom 5570HD
  3. Chillblast Fusion Battleaxe
  4. Mesh Matrix DX 250
  5. Eclipse Matrix A62R567

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Eclipse Matrix A62R567 Expert Verdict »

2.6GHz AMD Athlon II X4 620
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Biostar TA770E3 motherboard
8 x USB 2.0
500W EZCool PSU
18.5in Hanns-G HH181A (0.3mm pixel pitch
1GB PCI Express ATI Radeon HD 5670 (games scores: Crysis [High/Very High] = 43fps/fail
Fear = 116fps)
onboard sound
speakers built into monitor
max DVD speeds: 22x/22x/12x/16x/6x/8x/12x/16x (DVD-R/+R/-R DL/+R DL/-RW/+RW/-RAM/-ROM)
one-year return-to-base warranty
WorldBench 6 score: 104
  • Overall: We give this item 7 of 10 overall

The Eclipse Matrix A62R567 is a competent PC with good performance and a capable graphics card. But it could do with a better monitor.

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