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Invoxia AudiOffice review

£299 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Invoxia

The Invoxia AudiOffice is a Bluetooth-based speaker and old-fashioned telephone handset for your iPhone. Read our Invoxia AudiOffice review to find out more.

Invoxia AudiOffice

The Invoxia AudiOffice is a Bluetooth-based speaker and old-fashioned telephone handset that improves the comfort and audio quality of your iPhone calls and iPad FaceTime sessions. See all iPod and iPhone speaker docks.

Spend lots of time answering your iPhone at home or in the office? Sometimes wonder why you bother having a landline at all? You’re not the only one, and Invoxia's AudiOffice speakerphone unit could be just the tech solution you're looking for. See Group test: what's the best iPod and iPhone speaker dock?

In a nutshell, the Invoxia AudiOffice is designed to place your iPhone at the heart of a static communications hub. The device is built around a good-quality stereo speaker, which you can use to play music when you’re not on a call but is principally intended for speakerphone conversations. You can also slot your iPad into a handy clip-on stand at the back of the unit and improve the audio quality of your FaceTime conversations.

When you arrive at the office (or get home from work) you connect iPhone or iPad to the AudiOffice using Bluetooth. From this point on you can answer calls with a flick of a switch on the AudiOffice’s chassis, and carry on a conversation using its multiple built-in speakers and microphones. Alternatively, there’s a retro-style corded handset attached via USB, letting you talk in more comfort than is generally the case with a shiny smartphone screen pressed to your cheek.

Conversations are also likely to be clearer, at least when using the speakerphone, thanks to noise-reducing technologies that we found impressive.

One potential down side of this version of the Invoxia AudiOffice is that the dock/stand on the right is built for the older 30-pin Apple connector; the AudiOffice still works wirelessly with the iPhone 5, but you won’t be able to charge it up so conveniently. (A Lightning version will be launched at the end of March, also featuring a larger number of speakers and some other tweaks.)

The Invoxia AudiOffice is also pretty expensive. This is probably best suited to wealthy business types who’d like to consolidate their office and mobile contacts into a single number: that of their iPhone. But for this group it seems like a no-brainer purchase.

Invoxia AudiOffice review

Invoxia AudiOffice Expert Verdict »

4 broadband speakers
2 digital microphones
Full-duplex handsfree
Background noise removal
HD corded handset
Bluetooth 2.1
Incoming call reception via handsfree mobile or corded handset
2 USB ports
Compatible with iPod touch 4th & 3rd generation, iPhone 5 (via Bluetooth only - this model's dock stand is based on the 30-pin dock connector), iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPads 4, 3, 2 and original iPad, but iPod touch 3rd generation and iPad 1 support music functions only

The Invoxia AudiOffice is a costly niche product, but a high-quality one. The AudiOffice is a great way to improve the quality and comfort of your mobile calls, when you’re not mobile.

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