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iGo CITY Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

£99 inc VAT

Manufacturer: iGo

Our Rating: We rate this 4 out of 5

There's nothing like wearing a nice pair of cans that cancel out the noisy hustle and bustle of a city, and that's exactly what the iGo CITY headphones do best.

If you live in a city and you don't drive to work, there's a very strong chance that you have to listen to something that grinds your gears during your commute. Whether it's some clown talking on their phone too loud or just the general soul-destroying grinding noise of the Tube. Either way if you want to do something about it, look no further than the iGo CITY.

It's probably a good thing that strikes you first when you put the cushioned iGo CITYs over your ears is the instantly improved (reduced) volume of your life. The magic comes when you switch on the AAA-powered noise-cancelling technology and annoying external noises become just a distant whisper - and that's before you start playing any music.

When you do get round to rocking some tunes into the headphones, the iGo really starts to earn its money, as the world turns into just you, the iGo CITY and up to 97dBs of music. The sound quality is loud and confidently clear, almost too clear in fact for some of the older tracks we played, as poor recording quality became noticeable, such is the sound quality of these headphones. However, you shouldn't cater to the lowest common denominator and iGo certainly doesn't as when you do play a modern MP3 the playback is top notch.

Another feature for the pro column - we think - is that iGo has been bold in its design choices and has opted to release the CITY in only two colours, chocolate brown or a funky white and red. After all, if you wanted to be subtle with your personal stereo you should really wear in-ear headphones, not the huge cans needed to cancel out the sounds of the city.

Although the iGo comes with a very handy microphone which turns these cans into a high end handsfree kit that works with an iPhone and some other smartphones, what would have really sent these ear pieces to the top (or somewhere near) of our Christmas wish list is if they came with a volume control built into the headphones themselves, which every city dweller will tell you is a handy gizmo indeed. However, that's the only real negative point we can find about the iGo and even then, it's just us nit-picking really.

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iGo CITY Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones Expert Verdict »

Driver Diameter: 40mm
Impedance: 37 ohms
18-22 Frequency Responses
97dB (at 1KHz) Sensitivity, Microphone for handsfree use
  • Overall: We give this item 8 of 10 overall

The iGo CITY Active Noise-Cancelling headphones do exactly what their name suggests. They wipe about the vast majority of external city noise and fold up neatly in your bag for when you're on go. Although not the very best, the sound quality is good and for £99 these cans hold their own. In short these headphones from iGo won't leave you disappointed.

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