Serif MoviePlus X5 is an affordable and highly competent video editor.

Serif's comparatively basic front end for Serif MoviePlus X5 conceals a highly efficient workflow with numerous nice touches. For example when you mouse over clips in the Project media browser they play as thumbnail previews, with all the relevant resolution and file metadata displayed. You can also fix incorrectly oriented image and video files with one-click rotation.

Import options include Stop Motion from live camera feeds, as well as automatic scene detection within footage from tape-based camcorders - there's also the ability to adjust detection sensitivity. Serif MoviePlus X5features a Timeline and, for drag and drop sequence assembly, a Storyboard. It also offers the usual arsenal of effects, with some notably sophisticated examples such as Chroma Key, as well tools for trimming, splitting and fine-tuning sequences on the timeline. You can add picture-in-picture effects, create Pan & Zoom sequences or use transparency and masking effects to superimpose any 32bit transparent image over video tracks.

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Serif MoviePlus X5 makes use of the concept of envelopes, a way of interactively adjusting the properties of a clip or track, such as its position (transformation), volume (for audio) or opacity. You can adjust the envelope at certain positions on the Timeline to apply keyframes to automatically cause the properties to smoothly change over time.

Serif MoviePlus X5

New in this version of Serif MoviePlus are noise reduction (for getting rid of grainy footage) and image stabilisation effects as well as the ability to add guide overlays, helpful for laying out your titles, images and shapes on your clips. Tasks such as pre-rendering and proxy file generation are now carried out in the background, so speeding up the workflow and these can be given precedence over others using a dedicated background task manager. Also new is the ability to export an AVCHD project to DVD, though there's support for Blu-ray burning too.

There are also sophisticated features such as the Helper File Manager, which lists the location and sizes of the files that Serif MoviePlus X5 creates during the import, rendering, scene detection and proxy file process. It's then easy to delete them when they're no longer required.

Serif MoviePlus X5: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.47GB free hard drive space
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.47GB free hard drive space


Serif MoviePlus X5 is a highly competent video-editing product for an affordable price. Unfortunately it tends towards the functional and unexciting.

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