There's more to a UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) than an ugly acronym with a straightforward explanation. Running various versions of Windows – the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC is a Vista Home Premium model – UMPCs also come in both hard disk and flash memory versions.

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Sony opted for flash on its Vaio UX1, which offers size, weight and battery benefits as there's no spindle drive; Medion went for a 30GB platter with the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC. It's appreciably cheaper. Medion's RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC undercuts the price of Sony's dinky 8GB UMPC by £1,200.

But the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC is not the happiest of hardware. It takes several minutes to fire up. Vista has been accused of being a slow starter, so that may be the reason, but we wonder whether Vista Home Basic wouldn't have suited the 768MB Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC better.

Once the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC is ready to roll (and you've ousted the Bullguard and Google Desktop apps Medion preinstalls), you're left with a 6.5in touchscreen widescreen display which on which the Vista desktop is somewhat stretched.

The Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC's touchscreen is responsive and navigation is made easier with the inclusion of a one-touch Zoom button and a navipad on the left of the Medion, a touchpad at bottom right and a sturdy stylus too. We recalibrated our Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC's screen as it didn't seem touch-sensitive at the extreme edges , which isn't great for accessing tools from the Taskbar.

Hidden below the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC's screen is a proper qwerty keyboard. Slide up the front to reveal it. The Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC's keys are rather stiff, but they're a good size, if not quite large enough or sufficiently well positioned for true touchtyping. Propping up the Medion RIM1000 ultra-mobile PC on its pullout stand makes typing easier.

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