The Sony DR-G250DP headphones are ideal for use with your iPod, being well-built, comfortable and well priced.

With so many means of playing our favourite tunes and videos while holding conversations wherever and whenever we want, there's never been a more pressing need for portable headsets. Sony recently refreshed its range of earpieces and we've looked at one of its latest creations: the Sony DR-G250DP.

The DR-G250DP hands-free headset provides extra versatility with its integrated retractable microphone. This makes the Sony DR-G250DP ideal for making VoIP (voice over IP) calls or for use with your mobile phone.

The Sony DR-G250DP's neckband headset is worn behind your head and secured with comfortable clips. The Sony DR-G250DP's headset is lightweight without feeling too flimsy. As it can be folded, it's also compact to carry around, and the Sony DR-G250DP's 3m cord offers additional flexibility. Even at its loudest volume, sound quality with the headset is full and sharp – we were particularly impressed by the bass.

The Sony DR-G250DP features an integrated flexible pipe microphone that can be extended by pulling the tip. This is designed to minimise surrounding noise and seems effective. Recordings were of a very high quality even in the presence of background sound.

The end of the Sony DR-G250DP's microphone can be bent and positioned for even more precise audio recording. The Sony DR-G250DP's microphone is retracted by turning a dial on the side of the casing, but we found this a little awkward.

Sony DR-G250DP: Specs

  • Behind-neck design, pipe microphone, 3m cord
  • 92g
  • Behind-neck design, pipe microphone, 3m cord
  • 92g


All Sony's latest MP3-player headphone headsets produce good sound quality. The Sony DR-G250DP is the best of the bunch, however, justifying the outlay with superior bass. The Sony DR-G250DP is also flexible, featuring a retractable microphone and long cord, and its audio recording is good.

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