SmartSolutions SmartLotto is a novelty program that attempts to select winning numbers for the UK National Lottery, based on a database of previous winning numbers.

We've all dreamed about winning the National Lottery, but like some of us you probably get fed up clutching your ticket every Saturday night while praying that this time your numbers really will come up. Well, what if some computer software could narrow down the odds and predict which numbers are more likely to be drawn than others?

SmartLotto is a UK-designed software program that claims to do just this. Utilising a database of every number ever drawn in the UK National Lottery since its beginnings in 1994, SmartLotto analyses the numbers and attempts to predict which are most likely to be drawn, "decreasing the odds and substantially increasing the chances of winning".

There's no doubt that the SmartLotto software looks very basic. It lacks the slickly finished interface offered by most modern software programs. We were able to download and use SmartLotto for free for 14 days. To use it for a longer period of time or to get regular updates to the database of drawn numbers, we were encouraged to register our copy of SmartLotto for a one-off payment of £10.

To generate the predicted numbers, all we had to do was click the Lucky Dip button and we were presented with six 'winning' numbers for the draw on Saturday 3rd May. Those numbers were 4, 17, 21, 28, 42 and 44. To make a comparison, we also purchased a Lucky Dip ticket, which contained six numbers drawn completely at random, with no analysing involved. And then we waited until Saturday night with dreams of supercars, around the world cruises and of course not returning to work on Monday.

Sadly only two of the numbers SmartLotto predicted were drawn during the draw on Saturday night, which meant we didn't win a penny. And our Lucky Dip ticket? That didn't feature any winning numbers either.

SmartLotto: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows
  • internet access for updates
  • Microsoft Windows
  • internet access for updates


While the software is an interesting idea, SmartLotto has more novelty value than real use. Sadly it probably won't be generating the numbers that are going to net you a million, which means we can't really recommend it.

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