The idea behind Angry Birds Seasons - Rovio's follow-up to the massively popular Angry Birds game - is to introduce new levels for different seasons and holidays.

Four incremental updates have come out already, so you have more than 85 new Angry Birds levels to play. Although you won't find any new birds to shoot, each theme brings new obstacles and nicely designed landscapes through which to fling your feathered fliers.

Angry Birds Seasons debuted with a Halloween theme, complete with pumpkins, bats, dangling lanterns, a full moon and spooky trees; this installment offered 45 levels. Soon afterward, the 'Season's Greetings' Christmas-themed pack added 25 more. Even though the inclusion of snow and presents everywhere was nice, I found the physics for the Season's Greetings pack to be a bit lacking.

Angry Birds Seasons

While it's certainly fun to have more levels, after flinging hundreds of birds the gameplay starts to get a bit repetitive. You find yourself yearning for new, vastly different birds that can do new things.

Another issue is the number of adverts. Now, I am a big proponent of developers' getting paid for their hard work, and I think both the paid-app and ad-based models are good, but in this title it feels as if Rovio is taking things a bit far. At the start of every turn, a small banner ad displays in the upper left. That seems a little much to me, but it isn't over the top. What does feel like too much, though, is that every four turns or so a full-screen video ad displays, interrupting your game. You can skip past it, but it's still somewhat annoying.

Angry Birds Seasons

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Angry Birds Seasons for Android: Specs

  • Game for Google Android smartphone or tablet
  • Game for Google Android smartphone or tablet


Overall, Angry Birds Seasons is a fun game, as the original Angry Birds was, and I appreciate having more levels. However, more levels is all it really offers. I'd like to see some more innovation from the Rovio team for the next release.

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