Want to spread a viral video to a huge chunk of web audience beyond that of (or in addition to) YouTube? Want to upload video to your MySpace profile, without the need for other sites? Then MySpaceTV is for you.

MySpaceTV supports the largest range of file types of any service we've tested, and its video quality - particularly the smoothness of motion - is among the best Flash 8.0 video we saw.

But MySpace is first and foremost a social-networking site. If you don't have an existing MySpace account, you'll first be asked to upload a photo and invite your friends before you can upload your video. Uploading our test video was quite easy, though; the process took around 5 minutes to complete. The video was live about 15 minutes later, and we could then post it to a friend's MySpace bulletin board or to our own MySpace blog or profile, and share it via direct link, embeddable player code, IM, or email. Videos can also be marked private, meaning they won't show up in MySpaceTV's search pages or category listings.

Despite imposing a bottom-right watermark on the video, the embedded MySpaceTV video player actually looks quite good. It also has controls to make the video smaller (and potentially clearer) or full screen.

Strangely though, the latter option would sometimes - quite randomly - cause our video to be horizontally squashed within the embedded player. Nevertheless, MySpaceTV is a decent video-sharing site.

MySpaceTV: Specs

  • MySpace log-in
  • internet connection
  • MySpace log-in
  • internet connection


Most appealing to those seeking video uploads to their MySpace blog/profile without the need for other sites. Non-MySpacers are best served elsewhere for video sharing.

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